Wendy Williams Welfare Check! Cops Called Due to Alleged Poisoning by Ex


TMZ is reporting the police were called by an anonymous caller alleging Kevin Hunter, the husband of talk show host Wendy Williams was poisoning her. The caller requested a wellness check.

The call was made in January 2019 the police report claimed. Allegedly, the request was made from an individual stating they worked for the production company of Williams. The caller claimed Hunter was slipping Williams a harmful substance and wanted police to check on her well-being.

The report continued by saying, two police officers visited Williams at her New Jersey home and was met by Hunter, who at first was hesitant to permit them in the house for the welfare check. He stated Williams was sick and had multiple health problems she was recuperating from.

Police explained to Hunter that by law they were required to talk to Williams because of the call they received. When they entered the house, Williams was in bed covered from head to toe with blankets.

The report said the police asked Hunter to leave the room to talk to the talk show host alone. Hunter gave them a difficult time and did not want to leave.

Williams claimed her health problems were being caused by her shoulder which she had broke.

The police asked Williams if Hunter was poisoning her. It is alleged Williams responded: “I am very popular.” The police repeated the question, and Williams, according to the report stated she tearfully said she was fine.

The police left after the talk show host said she was okay.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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  1. Wendy Williams need to g o to poisoning Control and get her blood check I had a funny feeling that he was doing that to Wendy because offher fame and his Love affair and sometimes the women or guy convenience the husband or wife to get them out of the picturein .most cases it could be mo
    money or that person want them fo themselves I pray she get her blood check out. I pray that’s nkt the case And prag Wendy vet better by GOD Grace we all need JESUS in our lives in this World we live in its like the Wild Wild West the Good Bad & Ugly.

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