Wendy Williams Writing Her Own Hot Topic Book Telling All About Her Ex

WilliamsHollywood Life is reporting that talk show host Wendy Williams is considering writing her memoir giving the scoop about everything that happened during her marriage of 21 years to Kevin Hunter.

Williams is allegedly considering dishing all about his alleged affair of over 10 years with Sharina Hudson who it is reported gave birth to Hunter’s child.

A source told Hollywood Life that Williams is considering writing a book discussing the relationship she had with Hunter, their career rise, and his adultery which ultimately ended their marriage.

Forty-six-year-old Hunter was with Williams as she switched careers from a radio personality in New York to talk show host. Hunter was Williams partner in the couple’s production company, executive producer of her talk show and manager.

After Williams filed for divorce, Hunter was fired in April 2019, as executive producer from her talk show.

The source continued by saying, Williams remained silent and did not want to discuss the issues she was having with Hunter and his alleged mistress, but plans on doing so in her book. The source added that Williams had always had a great business sense, and is more intelligent than people give her credit for.

She plans on writing the book, to tell the truth about the issues in her life. She will reveal all that she is doing when she is ready.

Written by Barbara Sobel


Hollywood Life: Wendy Williams Penning Tell-All Book On Marriage To Kevin Hunter: She Has ‘A lot’ To Get Off Her Chest
Pop Culture: Wendy Williams Considering Writing Tell-All Book Revealing Details About Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter

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