Duchess Meghan Is a ‘Realistic Example’ for Moms on Postpartum Weight Loss

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It is not easy to lose post-pregnancy weight, but Duchess Meghan Markle is happy to be an example to moms who are losing excess weight.

Since welcoming her son, baby Archie in May 2019, the Duchess of Sussex is not in a rush to lose weight quickly due to public pressure. The new mom’s diet plan is part of a “self-focused-care” routine, taking care of her body at a stress-free pace.

Two months after her son’s birth, sources told US Weekly, “It’s not easy” for Markle to lose weight. For her, losing weight is not a “life or death” situation, instead, the Duchess is focusing on taking care of herself and her baby.

However, Markle is not the only spotlight mom who shared her post-pregnancy experience. Unlike the Duchess, Beyoncé opened up about how she “pushed her body to its limit” to lose weight for Coachella.

In the singer’s documentary, “Homecoming,” she shares the mental and physical stress she put her body through to meet her goal weight. The societal pressures of her fans led to the singer barely eating. Telling others “I’m limiting myself to no bread, carbs, sugar, dairy, meat, fish, or alcohol. And I’m hungry!”

Diets that leave people hungry are not healthy. Additionally, the singer went through rigorous workouts, reducing her food intake, and going vegan for the purpose of her diet.

Afterward, Beyoncé came to the conclusion to never push herself that far again, saying “she learned a valuable lesson.”

Mothers everywhere have the same issue, tempted to go through various “lose weight quick” schemes to slip back into old clothes. These extreme “diet” routines can eventually lead to mental health problems and bodily harm.

Many women applaud the Duchess for not falling to societal pressures. She shows how it is never necessary for a mother to lose weight immediately after birth to feel good about herself. In baby Archie’s first public appearance, the Duchess can be seen holding her son in her arms – happy and healthy.

Written by Brielle R. Buford
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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