‘Mahdah Urf’ Track Hits the Airwaves With a 10/10 Rating [Video]

Mahdah Urf

Mahdah Urf

The release to “Mahdah Urf” (Earth Song Revival) has been greeted with universal approval by all those who have heard the song or seen the video.

Shlepp Entertainment and DangerZone have just released a new song and video of “Mahdah Urf” (Earth Song Revival) featuring a collection of artists from around the world known as the Mahdah Urf Collective.

This track is a groundbreaker in several subtle ways that could ultimately make it an historic track. Why? First, it is a reggae track that firmly focuses on environmental and humanitarian issues. This is probably the first track that features, not only a collection of Reggae artists, but rappers, opera singers, and R & B artists from around the globe in multiple languages and styles.

Reggae has always been a music of protest and consciousness with a rallying cry to right the wrongs of the world, however, it has never been used this way. The best part of the track is, it works. The song and the video come with a heart, realism, and a warmth that only the most skeptical and hardened individual can force themselves to not like. It hits all the right notes both visually and sonically.

Do not just take this author’s word for it, check out the video. You will come away feeling good and feeling like something needs to change.

The song features well-known and upcoming artists from around the world. Richie Spice, Esco, Popin, Talis, V8Nam, Maiyalee heading up the Jamaican contingent. Then there is Chinese Opera star, Jane Maria, Brazilian rapper Kaos MC, Mexican singer Jah Fabio, Swedish songstress Raven Reii, Kymmi from Barbados and Andrew Robsinson from Switzerland making up the rest.

Every voice and every performance on this track just works; no single artist overshadows any other. Not only did all of these artists work together but producers, and entertainers from around the world and global communities as well. This is a true worldwide production and true reflection of people coming together to do something they believe in. The song is compiled of three different languages, but the listener will not even care. It simply works so well.

“Mahdah Urf” (Earth Song Revival) pays homage to “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson and there could not be a better rubber stamp of success than the full support the song has received from MJWN, the world’s largest Jackson fan club. Everyone who has heard the track or seen the video has given it a thumbs up thus far. It is still early, but this author feels this track could go on to become another global hit.

The video is masterfully directed and edited by Stevie Eagle E, bringing together all the elements in a seamless way that may have been extremely challenging, Where Lil’ Dicky went for shock, awe, star names, technology, and rye humor in his rendition on this theme, Stevie Eagle E has gone for just keeping it real. And it works.

“Mahdah Urf” can be streamed or downloaded from iTunes.


By Jeanette Smith

Images Courtesy of Shlepp Entertainment – Used With Permission