“Lost Vegas: Tim Burton at Neon Museum”

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These artworks, many of which are site-specific creations, are displayed at the Neon Museum Boneyard. Works will play with the museum’s landmark sign collection, which was prominently featured in Burton’s 1996 film (Mars Attacks). 

The presentation of Burton’s art in Las Vegas represents a very unique & singular vision for this original exhibition. 

More than two dozen Artworks, including more than 15 brand-new works created for this exhibition. 

Technologies used:

 -Projection Mapping.

-Animatronic Sculpture.

-Looking Glass volumetric displays.

-Animated neon signage.

Tim Burton has a constructive exhibition out of Las Vegas, of his memories of this City; not only for Mars Attacks, nostalgia… but the City & Neon Museum itself… this exhibit is born out of Burton’s memories. 

Burton’s past exhibitions have drown millions of people around the world, cities such as Melbourne, Los Angeles, Paris, Prague, Tokyo, Sāo Paulo & México City, over 800,000 visitors… making the third most attended exhibition ever.  

Exhibition Dates: Oct. 15 2019-Feb. 15 2020.

Written By Photo Journalist Elsa Cantu