Robert Downey Jr. Is the Reason There Is No Iron Man Oscar Buzz

Downey Jr

Downey Jr

While it may not seem like awards season just yet, the campaigns to get people nominated for awards are slowly ramping up. In fact, earlier this month, Disney launched a website to get their Oscars campaign off the ground. Among the films in the running for potential nominations is “Avengers: Endgame.” However, one person missing from the list is Robert Downey Jr.

Although there have been plenty of fans upset over Downey Jr. not being considered for an Oscar nomination, it turns out there is a reason for this, and it has to do with the man himself. According to CNN, recently the actor visited the Howard Stern show where the topic of the Oscars was brought up.

During his guest appearance, Stern told Robert Downey Jr. that he believed that the actor should be rewarded for his role as Iron Man in “Avengers: Endgame.” However, the actor seems to feel otherwise.

According to Downey Jr., “I’m so glad you brought this up because there was some talk about [an Oscar campaign for his work]. And I said, ‘Let’s not.'” While this might upset fans who agree that the actor deserves credit for his hard work, it is clear that Robert Downey Jr. would rather not have that kind of attention on himself.

Even as plenty of people feel that the actor deserves the accolades for his work, including Jon Favreau who directed “Iron Man,” it seems that Downey Jr. has moved on with his life post-Avengers. Ultimately, it makes sense that the actor would say no to an Oscars campaign, even if the rest of us wish he was given the attention he clearly deserves.

Written by Kimberley Spinney


CNN – Robert Downey Jr. is fine with not winning an Oscar for playing Iron Man

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