John Cleese Added to the Fan Expo Dallas Lineup



The stars are heading to Dallas, Texas once again in 2020, as Fan Expo Dallas has begun announcing all of the celebrities who will be appearing at their annual convention. As one of the largest comic, horror, gaming, anime, and science-fiction conventions in Texas, it makes sense that Fan Expo Dallas would want to bring in the big names when it comes to star power. Luckily for fans, this means the addition of John Cleese to the convention lineup.

In a Press Release from the convention, they shared the news of Cleese joining the three day con, while also pointing to his many roles, including being a founding member of the Monty Python troupe. While it has not been confirmed what days John Cleese will be taking part in Fax Expo Dallas, the convention is set to run from March 27 to the 29th, which means it is possible he could be there all three days.

Known for his roles in such projects as “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” “Silverado,” and “Fawlty Towers,” Cleese is an epic addition to a convention that already has the honor of reuniting the four hobbits of the “Fellowship of the Ring,” Elijah Wood, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, and Sean Astin.

From pictures with the celebrities to the Celebrity Q&A panels, there is something for everyone at Fan Expo Dallas, and now John Cleese fans have even more to look forward to knowing that he is planning to be a part of the convention.

Written by Kimberley Spinney


Press Release from Fan Expo Dallas/The Vokol Group – FAN EXPO Dallas Announces John Cleese Will Join Biggest Comic Event of the Year

Image Courtesy of Fan Expo Dallas – Used with Permission