4 Chinese Military Hackers Charged by United States

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On Monday, Feb. 10, 2020, four members of the People’s Liberation Army, which is an arm of the Chinese military, have been charged with hacking into the Equifax credit reporting agency’s computer network. They stole tens of millions of customers’ information. The four hackers are also accused of stealing the company’s trade secrets, the Justice Department announced.

“Today, we hold PLA hackers accountable for their criminal actions, and we remind the Chinese government that we have the capability to remove the Internet’s cloak of anonymity and find the hackers that nation repeatedly deploys against us. This was a deliberate and sweeping intrusion into the private information of the American people,” Attorney General William Barr said in a press statement.

This is just one of the several cases that the Justice Department has brought against members of PLA. In 2014, the Obama administration charged five Chinese military hackers for breaking into the networks of major American corporations and siphoning trade secrets.

The hackers stole personal data including names and addresses from Equifax in 2017. Not all of the customers were American, the United Kingdom and Canada were also affected.

By Sheena Robertson

 BBC: Equifax: US charges four Chinese military officers over huge hack

Image Courtesy of Frank Lindecke’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License