Alkaline Water and Its Health Benefits

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It is said that alkaline water has many medical benefits. Studies on alkaline water show that it can help restore people’s pH balance.

What is pH balance in a human? It is the level of acid and bases in one’s blood that helps the body function. A person’s lungs and kidneys play key roles in this process. It has been tested to restore pH balance by reducing the acid levels in the body. It can be used for both cooking and drinking.

Alkaline water can also help to neutralize free radicals (a group of atoms that behave as a unit in a number of compounds) that can cause cellular and DNA damage. This causes many to believe that alkaline water has great antioxidant behavior.

The smaller water cluster size that is caused by ionizing the water allows it to penetrate cells more easily making alkaline water super-hydrating.

Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium are in alkaline water making it a mineral-rich water to drink. These minerals are vital to human health.

It has detoxifying elements that eliminate mucus build up on the colon wall. When this happens, the body is more able to absorb important nutrients helping keep the body healthy. With this factor, the alkaline water is able to cleanse the body. Flushing out acidic toxic waste that accumulates in the body over time.

It is negatively charged with hydroxyl ions, which is contributed to increasing energy levels. It also helps with mental clarity and overall alertness.

This type of water can help reduce the body’s need for fatty tissues that protect vital organs from acidity. It does this by storing acidic waste in less critical parts of the body. This makes alkaline water beneficial to weight loss.

There have been numerous amounts of studies on the benefits of alkaline water. Many studies are taking place on the benefits of alkaline water. People are seeing if there is any truth to the belief that alkaline water is healthy for people. They have been seeing the result it has on anti-aging properties, immune system support, and cancer resistance.

There have not been full studies, therefore, it has not been validated, It is suggested that if one choses to start using this type of water to start slowly, that way the system can get used to alkaline water.

By Sheena Robertson


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