Carl Reiner, Actor and Comedian, Passed Away


On June 29, 2020, actor and comedian, Carl Reiner died at the age of 98. Rob Reiner, his son, announced the sorrow news via his Twitter page. “Last night my dad passed away. As I write this my heart is hurting. He was my guiding light.” He passed away from natural causes.

Reiner’s Early Years

The legend was born on March 20, 1922, in The Bronx, New York City. There are little details about Reiner’s childhood, however, it has been reported he worked as a sewing machine repairman at the age of 16. It was at that time when he found a dramatic workshop, which was sponsored by the Works Progress Administration.

This opened up a whole new world for Reiner, a world he conquered. After he studied acting, Reiner joined a theatre company that toured the world performing. The up-and-coming actor severed in an entertainment unit in World War II.

His Career

From 1948 to 1949 he performed in the Broadway musical, “Inside,” this was his debut to the big stage. During this time period, he started to appear in television shows. Afterwhich, he began to be a regular on the show “Your Show of Shows.” Imogene Coca and Sid Caesar also starred on the show.

In 1954, he became a writer for the sketch comedy series, the “Caesar’s Show.” Reiner won two Emmy Awards for his creative style punchlines. From there he created the hysterical movie “The 2000 Year Old Man,” he cast Mel Brookes as the lead character.

The talented star wrote and directed “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” for which he won three Emmy Awards in 1966. Sitting still was not his forte, the high achieving director wrote and directed “Something Different,” on Broadway. These are just some of the various works he created.

His Acting Career

Reiner starred in many Tv shows and movies throughout his several decades-long, career. He starred in “Ocean’s Eleven” movies. The megastar had guest appearances on “The Cleveland Show,” “Mad About You,” and “Parks and Recreations.”

The legends three children, various family and friends, all mourn the actors death. May he rest in peace.

By Sheena Robertson


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