Miami Cop Hits an Irate Woman


On July 1, 2020, a shocking video quickly went viral. In the video, a Miami-Dade police officer punches a black woman. This incident happened at the Miami International Airport. Miami-Dade Police Director Alfredo Ramirez III posted onto Twitter how he was taken back by what he saw in the video.

What Was in the Video?

This disturbing was captured on another officer’s body camera. In the clip, a woman appears to be having an argument with one officer, with a second one close by. The woman stepped closer to the officer she was arguing saying, “I really should. You black, you acting like you’re white… What’re you gonna do?” By the time the woman said, “do” she was toe to toe with the officer. Then all of a sudden the officer cold clocks her. After the officer slugged the woman, he grabbed at her shoulders. Both the second officer and the one who’s camera caught the event rushed to the woman’s aid.

What Caused This Horrific Incident?

According to the one law enforcement source, the woman was loudly complaining about a flight that had been missed or delayed. An employee called the police for assistance. At first, the officer was trying to calm down the woman and then things escalated into violence.

There have been several sources who have named the officer as Antonio Clemente Rodriguez, who is black with a Puerto Rican heritage. Ramirez has announced there is an investigation into the incident in progress. The officer who slugged the woman has been relieved of his duties.

Ramirez has asked State Attorney Kathy Rundle to join the investigation. At this time, the names of the other two officers and the woman have not been disclosed. The president of the Miami-Dade Police Benevolent Association (PBA) Steadman Stahl, claims the officer, hit the victim “open-hand slap”. Stahl further states that this method is sometimes referred to as a “diversionary strike.”

What People are Saying?

Stahl says it was the woman who “was the aggressor.” He further states the woman had been asked to vacate the area; instead, she became hostile and got into the officers face.

Miami’s Mayor, Carlos A. Gimenez was outraged by the event that took place. “That’s NOT what our @MiamiDadePD are trained to do.”

By Sheena Robertson

Daily Mail: Florida cop is relieved from duty for PUNCHING a black woman at Miami Airport when she shouted ‘you’re acting like you’re white, but you’re really black’

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Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Jason Lawrence’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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