Mail in Polling Interview With Sharron Angle

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Nevada politician Sharron Angle, explains why she is involved in the Election Integrity Project. During the interview on Aug. 6, 2020, she explained the focus of the project is voter fraud. Angle is particularly interested in mail-in-voting validity especially with the increase of mail-in-ballots is being used as a precautionary measure against the spread of Coronavirus.

The Election Integrity Project’s goal is to ensure safe and accurate elections. She fears that an increase of mail-in-ballots will result in inaccurate or fraudulent results of an election.

Angle began her political career in 1992 when she was elected to the Nye County School Board of Trustees, where she served one term. In 1998, Angle was elected to the Nevada State Assembly and served until 2006.

She ran for senate in 2010 and was defeated by Democrat Harry Reid. Angle is a Republican who is considered a strong conservative. She voted “no” so often when she was on the Nye County School Board of Trustees, that the other 41 members called votes “41 to Angle.”

Her Opinions

Angle spoke about multiple different opinions as the questions were asked. She said one reason to question the integrity of mail-in versus in-person voting, is the ability to identify voters.

Mail-in ballots require the voter’s signature whereas in-person a voter’s identification is easily verified. Oregon primarily uses mail-in voting and has for decades. Angle explained that not all states have had time to work out the kinks like Oregon.

Another topic that was spoken about is online ballot submission. Again she stated that they are less reliable and voting should be done in person. She expressed that machines could be more easily influenced to alter results and the safest way is in person.

Another interesting topic was ranked-choice voting. A theory that instead of voting for one candidate, everyone ranks their choices from best to worst. This already takes place in Maine. Angle expressed that this voting is against the constitution because someone who only ranks one candidate as their number one has a more powerful vote than someone who ranks all the candidates.

Out of all the things that were conversed about, the one thing that Angle was most adamant about was the fact that polling should be done in person in one’s own city. This would reduce the number of anomalous votes that take place. One idea that was tossed in was to dip people’s thumbs in ink that would wear away after a few days, therefore you could check to see if someone has already voted.

When asked about the people who mail-in voting would help, such as those who are higher risk of serious health problems if they were to contract COVID-19, Angle explained that she sees those same people at the grocery store, and instead of having mail-in ballots, extra safety measures should be taken at polling places.

In conclusion, it is difficult to decipher what should be done. According to Angle, in-person polling is worth the added risk to ensure accurate elections. Though some would argue that at this time anything that can be done to stop the spread should be done.

Written by Joseph Nelson


Interview with Sharron Angle: August 6, 2020, over Zoom Conference

Election Integrity Project: Nevada

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