Trump Team Posted Inaccurate COVID-19 Video: Facebook and Twitter Respond



Facebook and Twitter individually took exceptional action against Donald Trump and his team for posting a Fox News video containing inaccurate COVID-19 information on Wednesday, Aug. 5. 2020.  Posting this video violated the social media sites’ rules.

Twitter reacted by temporarily suspending the Trump Team account until the video is removed. Whereas, Facebook removed the same video from the president’s personal page.

In the video, POTUS is heard pushing for reopening all schools in the United States. He inarticulately stumbled over his claim. He could not make up his mind about whether or not children are less likely — well almost definitely — children are almost immune to the coronavirus. Trump’s reasoning seems to stem from the irrational assumption that youngsters have stronger immune systems than adults.

Twitter is cracking down on violators. In recent weeks, Donald Trump Jr. was temporarily banned and thousands of QAnon accounts were permanently banned.

Many people complained that Facebook and Instagram have not stood up to violators like the Trump family and his administration.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


The Washington Post:  Facebook, Twitter penalize Trump for posts containing coronavirus misinformation

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Gerd Altmann’s Pixabay Page – Creative Commons License

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