Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Sabah Dies at 91


Kuwait’s Emir Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah has died on Tuesday, Sept.29, 2020. The 91-year-old died in a hospital located in the United States.

The minister in charge of royal affairs — Sheikh Ali Jarrah al-Sabah — stated the whole “State” mourns “with great sadness and sorrow.”

Sheikh Sabah was born in 1929. He has often been regarded as the architect of modern of Kuwait’s foreign policy. Sabah had to have a pacemaker placed in 2000.

From many years he lived in a palace named after his deceased daughter, Dar Salwa. She died from cancer in 2002. That same year he had his appendix removed.

After Sheikh Jaber al-Sabah death in January 2006 he replaced him. It was in August of 2019 when Kuwait admitted that their emir had experienced a medical “setback.” Sabah required further medical attention and was admitted to a hospital.

SabahThe emir seems to have experienced many ailments throughout his life. He underwent urinary tract surgery in the U.S., in 2007.

He flew to the U.S. seeking medical advice after he underwent surgery in July 2020. Sabah was transported from Kuwait to Rochester, Minnesota by a US Air force C-17 flying hospital. He was then transported to a local hospital after landing.

In the past when the Sabah has been absent the 83-year-old Crown Prince Naaf al-Ahmad al-Sabah — half-brother of Sabah’s — has been appointed as acting ruler. This is the country’s constitutional law. Sheikh Nawaf has been an elder statesman in Kuwait’s high office for many decades. He has helped make decisions in numerous defence and interior portfolios.

The emir shall be missed by many, may he rest in peace.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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