Michael Reinoehl Admits to His Crime Hours Before Dying

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Michael Forest Reinoehl — the man who killed Patriot Prayer supporter Aaron “Jay” Danielson — died hours after admitting to his crime. On Sept. 3, 2020, Reinoehl had an interview with Vice News. During the interview, he claimed he shot Danielson trying to defend his friend.

ReinoehlAccording to him, Danielson was in a group of people who were trying to “kill a friend of mine of color.” He further stated that he could have done nothing, however, he feels that his friend would have died.

He told Vice News that he was advised by “lots of lawyers,” all of whom suggested he remain silent. Reinoehl feels it was necessary for the “world” to know his side of the incident.

Reportedly Reinoehl was an Army veteran and father of two. He was at the Portland Black Lives Matter protest “providing security.” Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson said that he and Danielson were friends. Patriot Prayer is a right-wing group that is based out of Vancouver, Washington. The night that Danielson died he participated in a pro-Trump caravan and rally.

Roughly four hours after his interview Portland Oregon Police acquired an arrest warrant for Reinoehl. The federal fugitive task force found Reinoehl in Lacey, Washington. When authorities attempted to arrest the 48-year-old in Tanglewilde.

Allegedly, Reinoehl “pulled a gun,” thus forcing officers to use deadly force. However, this information is not completely clear at this time.

According to the Oregon Live, a neighbor witnessed two SUVs pull up to Reinoehl. The neighbor then stated that they heard about 30 to 40 shots.

The investigation is still ongoing.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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