Ukraine Woman Takes a Stroll on Plane Wing

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Airline officials in Kyiv, Ukraine became irate with a woman who was on a return flight from a Turkish resort. According to Ukraine International Airlines (UAI), the woman “opened the emergency exit.” This incident happened on Sept. 1, 2020.

WomanThe Bizare Scene

The woman then proceeded to walk out onto the wing of a Boeing 737-86N. Witnesses say that they were flabbergasted as they stood outside of the plane watching the speculation. The woman’s two children were among the witnesses outside the departed plane. They exclaimed, “That’s our mum,” as everyone watched her walk the wing.

The woman claims that she was “too hot,” and that is why she opened the emergency hatch of the plane. Of course, this still leaves the question as to why she chose to do that instead of exit the plane with her family.

Actions Against the Her

The pilot called for border guards, police, and an ambulance. One of the passengers stated that once the airplane landed most of the passengers exited. The woman is said to have walked “from the tail to the emergency exit row.” Where the woman opened the hatch and exited the aircraft.

The woman appeared calm and collected as she stepped out onto the wing. She walked down the wing — briefly — before returning back into the plane through the emergency exit.

The incident happened at the Boryspil Airport in Kyiv. Due to the bizarre situation officials tested the woman to see if she had drugs or alcohol in her system – she did not.

According to reports, the woman had traveled with her husband and their children for their family vacation. The UIA has confirmed the situation had occurred, adding they have “blacklisted” the woman.

The identity of the woman has not been released at this time. However, one thing is for sure. Passengers aboard the flight PS6212 — as well as those “near gate 11 of terminal D” — shall not forget their trip from Antalya.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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