Can Negative Ions Increase Positive Feelings?

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negative ions

Some experts believe that negative ions are beneficial to humans and animals. These ions can be found naturally as well as being man-made. There have been numerous studies on the therapeutic effects it may have, especially if they increase positive feelings.

In recent studies scientists have been contemplating the effects negative ions have on the various types of depression. In these tests, researchers used ion exposure levels ranging from 10 to 100 times stronger than normally found in the air.

One study performed by researchers at the Battelle Memorial Institute studied whether or not stressors had to be present for negative ions to work. They conducted their studies on mice. In their studies, they recorded the mice’s reaction to both positive and negative ions.

The data showed the mice’s reactions were improved by the negative ions. This data also showed that older mice gained more benefits from negative ions than the younger ones.

Ions are created in nature when air molecules are broken apart by sunlight, radiation, and moving water and air. If a person has ever walked on a beach or beneath a waterfall, chances are they have felt negative ions.

It is said that negative ions can improve one’s mental health. Of course, there have been several other claims that negative ions can improve a person’s health and being. Some researchers have found that they can improve the digestive system and help reverse signs of aging.

Many companies and scientists have researched different ways to increase negative ions for everyday usage. This has led to ionizer and generators to be developed to assist with this. Some companies have even attempted to develop products to increase negative ions in the bodies through things we drink.

Most of these companies have failed in stabilizing negative ions for drinking purposes. One company that has been able to succeed in the stabilization of negative ions is Real Water. With all of the many possibilities to increase negative ions, it is good to do the research on which products actually work.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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