United Airlines Report Decline in Bookings Due to Rise in COVID-19 Cases

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United Airlines reports a decrease in airline bookings amid a staggering rise in COVID-19 cases. The number of new virus cases rose to 170,000 as of Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020.

Other airlines are also reporting a decrease in bookings amid the accelerating COVID 19 cases.

American Airlines’ (AAL) chief revenue officer, Vasu Raja, told investors that although ticket sales have flattened, it is nowhere near negative sales experienced this past March, April, and July. As Thanksgiving Day approaches, AAL is still increasing daily flights from 3,500 to over 4,000.

Southwest Airlines said it was unclear if their revenue decrease was a direct result of the surging COVID-19 infections.

COVID-19’s Reach

Two hundred eighteen countries and territories are dealing with the devastating effects of COVID-19. Worldwide, there are 58.9 million total cases of the coronavirus, with 1.4 million deaths as of Sunday, November 23. However, 40.7 million patients have recovered.

The U.S. tops the list with over 12.4 million cases, 261,966 deaths, and over 7.4 million patients recovered from the virus.

COVID-19 Affects Payment Methods

Although cash may not have been a primary form of payment when booking or purchasing airline tickets, consumers may now consider opting for cashless methods to patronize businesses inside the airport.

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the move toward a potentially cashless society. To prevent the spread of the virus through microorganisms on coins and cash, the World Health Organization (WHO) encourages consumers to make non-cash payments.

In South Korea, not only must people quarantine, but cash received at their central bank must undergo disinfection for two weeks before being placed back into circulation. China is also reportedly following suit.

Safety First

The coronavirus’s effects on cash, businesses, and the economy are unprecedented. People and businesses worldwide are learning how to survive every day with the coronavirus — that impacted the world just 9 months ago.

United Airlines reported it plans to cut its schedule in the fourth quarter by more than the 55 percent it planned last year.

Despite the rising COVID-19 cases, the airline industry wants people to travel only if it can be accomplished safely.

Written by Sheree Bynum
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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