Mar-a-Lago Neighbors May Not Be So Neighborly to Trump Post Presidency



Mar-a-Lago neighbors expressed they no longer want to remain neighborly with the commander in chief— once he officially becomes former President Donald Trump, according to The Washington Post on Dec. 15, 2020.

Trump, a native of New York, filed a “declaration of domicile” claiming the Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida, as his permanent home.

He changed his residence from New York, in 2019, after stating political leaders treated him poorly.

In a 1993 deal, Trump’s legal counsel confirmed trump would not take up residency at the Mar-a-Lago. An earlier limitation placed on the allotted time a member could stay at the property prevented the club from being used as a residential facility.

Some Mar-a-Lago neighbors were fed up with the distractions of having Trump as a neighbor, which involved traffic jams and crowded streets.

Glenn Zeitz, a Palm Beach resident, believes Trump does not have a legal leg to stand on in trying to utilize the property as a residence and a club. However, an anonymous spokesperson for Trump’s business disagrees.

Earlier this year, Trump scrapped a request to have a dock built for his private use. The neighbors were leery the dock would be the center of out of hand liquor laced cruises.

Since Trump has become president, he has stayed about 130 days at Mar-a-Lago out of his 30 visits, or so, to the club.

It is essential Trump solidifies his living situation prior to Jan. 20, 2021, when Joe Biden is inaugurated. Like all former presidents, Trump will be afforded scaled-down secret service protection.

The Secret Service’s living situation is typically in place prior to the president’s departure from office. Without confirmation of Trump’s post-residency, this may prove difficult.

When Trump left New York to live in Florida, Governor Cuomo posted on Twitter:

It’s not like Mr. Trump paid taxes here anyway. He’s all yours, Florida.

Although his Mar-a-Lago neighbors have not tried to give him back to New York, they have tried to set his sights on other estates for sale in Palm Beach.

Written by Sheree Bynum
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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Featured and Top Image by Christine Davis Courtesy of Wikimedia – Creative Commons License