Mike Tyson Will His  Legends Only League Be the New Thing? [Video]

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Mike Tyson and Roy Jones went head to head Saturday, Nov. 28, 2020, at the  Staple Center in Los Angeles California. Many looked upon this fight as two old men trying to pretend like they still have something in the tank.

Recovery and Family

At 54 years old Tyson has come a long way on a road of recovery of mind, body, and spirit. Back in the day when he was on top of the world, Tyson says he was fighting for money. His heart was not in it anymore and had taken a back seat to his drug addiction. Today Tyson spends much of his time at home with his third wife KiKi and his children.

TYSON Training Session

But in preparation for the Roy Jones fight Tuesday in a training session, he continued to work on a five punch combo that had everyone watching head spinning. His trainer Rafael Cordeiro is taking Tyson through a five-day-a-week training regimen to get him ready for the showdown.

Fight Card

Tyson and Jones are the headliners on a fight card that is featuring some pretty interesting fights. Nate Robinson is scheduled to fight Jake Paul, Badou Jack is scheduled to fight Black McKernan and Viddal Riley — KSI’s trainer for his fight with Logan Paul is scheduled to fight Rashad Coulter.

Legends Only League

The fight between Tyson and Jones is the first in a group of fight events entitled Legends Only League. Eros Innovation, Johnny Ryan Jr. Sophie Watts, and Tyson are the founders of this new League which will feature many of the greatest competitors of all time getting back into competing form.

The California State Athletic Commission viewed the Tyson Jones fight as a boxing presentation than a real fight. But the boxers did not get that memo. Tyson and Jones have stated that their goal is to take the other out. Tyson stated earlier this month:

This is search and destroy and I’m looking forward to recapturing my glory

TYSONFight Results

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones squared off Saturday night at the Staple Center and they both did not look too shabby. Both fighters fought to an unofficial draw declared by the WBC and its three celebrity judges Christy Martin, Chad Dawson, and Vinny Pazienza.

They fought for eight-two minute rounds allowing both fighters to gradually find a rhythm and connecting enough times to make the fight exciting. Tyson’s new baby The Legends Only League was explained by Tyson to Ariel Helwani as to how he got the idea for the league:

I was looking at a show about Jerry Rice, and they were saying that because he was a second or a couple of seconds slower, he can’t play football anymore. And I thought that was ridiculous

He wants to facilitate a space where older athletes like himself that feel like they can still compete can have a platform to do so.

Now that we live in the era of Instagram, there’s more people on Instagram who want to see him [Jerry Rice] play than the person that plays in this position now in the San Francisco 49ers. Do you think these people want to stop seeing them [old athletes] just because they are two or three seconds slower? No.

The former Heavyweight Champ posted videos of him training, and at the age of 54, Tyson still had the hand speed and the capabilities he was known for at the prime of his career.

Bringing Back The Champs of Old

His new project would offer athletes a shot in the arm on their sports career. The Champ has set the example with his fight with Roy Jones. Not only was the fight entertaining, but it was also great to see these two giants in the boxing world rejuvenate their boxing lives.

Wishing Mike Tyson and his team the greatest of success with this new venture. You never know, he may be on to the next new thing.

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