Monoliths Are Mysteriously Appearing and Disappearing All Over the World

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Metal monoliths, large block-shaped columns, are mysteriously appearing everywhere. However, just as quickly as one goes up, someone or something takes it down, as reported by The Independent on Dec. 7, 2020.

Mysterious Monolith Timeline

On Nov. 18, 2020, the first of several monoliths were spotted in Utah. It was removed on November 27 — the culprit is unknown.

A second monolith appeared in Romania on November 27. The structures bore some similarities and differences in height and design. Days later, it was gone.

On December 2, Atascadero, California, was the third place to find the mysterious structure. It was reported to be approximately 10 feet tall, similar to the other monoliths.

A candy shop in Pennsylvania was the fourth location to boast about witnessing the monolith on December 3. However, unlike the other monoliths, the shop owner took credit for the social media phenomenon placement. He stated he put up the monolith to boost business.

The fourth monolith, whose origins were initially unknown, was seen on the Isle of Wight in Compton Beach in the United Kingdom on December 6.

Hikers in the Netherlands also came across the shiny steel column on Sunday, December 6. The monolith was ice-covered and near a pool of water, according to news reports.

Columbia, Spain, and Germany have also experienced mysterious monoliths since November, according to The Independent.

Appearances and Disappearances Not So Mysterious After All

An anonymous source took credit for the mysterious monoliths that appeared in California and Utah.

They even went so far as to claim aliens are perpetuating the placement of the monoliths facetiously.

However, a West Sussex artist came forth as the culprit for the Isle of Wight’s shiny columns.

The Utah monolith was allegedly removed by four men in the middle of the night, according to a photographer from Colorado. Two athletes later confirmed they took down the ostentatious structure to preserve the area from visitors.

Also, some men took a five hour trip to California to remove its monolith, as reported by California officials. Atascadero’s mayor was not happy with their decision to take down the monolith that she described as “fun and unique.”

Written by Sheree Bynum
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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