Los Angeles Ambulances Reports No Transport for Dying COVID-19 Patients

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Los Angeles

People all over the world have been battling the COVID-19 virus for over a year. According to a Jan. 5, 2021, report from CNN Los Angeles Ambulance crews have been told not to bring COVID-19 patients — who will not survive — to the hospital.

The infection rate has soared in Los Angeles County — roughly one in five residents test positive for COVID-19.  In November 2020 they reported 400,000 COVID-19 cases. By Jan. 2, 2021, these numbers have climbed to over 800,000.

These numbers have overwhelmed hospitals and intensive care units — to the point where they have no more room for patients. In Los Angeles County alone there are over 7,600 people who have been hospitalized due to the virus.

According to officials, at least 21 percent of those people are receiving treatment in intensive care. Due to the lack of hospital beds, ambulance crews have been instructed to deny transport to individuals who will not survive the virus.

Los AngelesPeople who are deemed healthy enough to survive COVID-19 have to wait for hours for a bed to become available. Supervisor Hilda Solis called the situation a “human disaster.”

According to the Los Angeles County Director of Public Health, Barbara Ferrer, one person dies from the virus every 15 minutes. That number is a bit worrisome for most folks. Especially if the trend continues throughout all of the United States.

Due to the holiday celebrations that just occurred, health officials are now saying these numbers are going to become higher. Ferrer agrees with this belief:

 We’re likely to experience the worst conditions in January that we’ve faced the entire pandemic.

She further stated that the situation is “hard to imagine.” Now that the numbers have surged the Los Angeles Emergency Medical Services Agency had to direct its crews not to transport those dying from COVID-19.

Before the pandemic struck, Los Angeles County had no issues transporting anyone to the hospital. Now to conserve hospital beds and oxygen, Los Angeles County ambulances crews have to deny dying patients rides to the hospital.

Written by Sheena Robertson


CNN: Amid a devastating Covid-19 surge, Los Angeles County ambulance crews told not to transport patients with little chance of survival

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