McDonald’s Is Bringing Back Hi-C

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McDonald’s is bringing back the fan-favorite drink, Hi-C. It has been nearly four years since the fast-food restaurant stopped carrying the orange-colored drink. McDonald’s announced this news on Feb. 10, 2021, which has excited Hi-C fans all over the United States.

According to a statement released by the fast-food company, the beverage will be appearing in select stores in February. By June All U.S. McDonald’s will be carrying Hi-C.

The company further stated they have heard their fan’s outcries for the beverage and that prompted them to bring back the drink. Prior to this announcement, fans have “passionately asked for us to bring it back over the years.”

In 2017, Hi-C Lavaburst was replaced by Sprite Tropic Berry. The carbonated drink is made by the Coca-Cola company exclusively for the McDonald’s corporation.

The fast-food restaurant previously carried Hi-C for about 60 years before they discontinued it. The moment they took the item off the menu they were met with very irate customers.

McDonald'sFans of the orange-colored beverage can track its re-arrival through a special website created by McDonald’s. This site will be updated weekly. Once on the site, a person just needs to enter their zip code to see when the tasty drink will hit restaurants near them.

The orange-colored drink will join Fanta Orange in the fast-food restaurant’s soda fountain. According to the company, this will make its “legendary orange drink roster once again complete.”

For years fast-food chains have competed against each other for customers’ money. They have created special offers and brought back fan favorites as a way to catch consumers’ attention.

McDonald’s has not been shy about using these acts to draw in more customers. They have even brought back millennial nostalgia for promotions.

This month alone McDonald’s has brought back their Shamrock Shake’s and added three new chicken sandwiches to their menu. All this happened in just a matter of two weeks.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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