Russel Wilson Rumored to Consider Chicago Bears in Trade [Video]



The Chicago Bears rumor mill has produced another quarterback possibility in the Seahawks QB-1 Russel Wilson. Wilson finds himself unhappy with Seattle, and he has given them a list of teams that he would like to be traded to.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that Wilson has Chicago on his list and the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, and the Las Vegas Raiders. He expressed that these are the only teams that he would accept a trade to.

WILSONRumors have also been flying around about Big Ben and Alex Smith coming to the Bears, but the question is, what would the Bears have to give up to get a player like Wilson, Big Ben, or Alex Smith?

The Bears went 8-8 with below-average quarterbacks like Trubinsky and Foles. It would be easy to consider adding someone like Wilson would instantly make the Bears Super Bowl contenders. Patrick Mahomes is considered to be the best quarterback in the NFL, and Wilson is in the conversation for the second-best.

The Bears have never in the history of their franchise had a quarterback thrown for 4000-yards on two straight seasons. Wilson would quickly become the greatest bears quarterback of all times.

Like Tom Brady, unhappy elite quarterbacks have taken note of his moves to place himself in a better position to win. Wilson may be about to take a page out of Brady’s playbook.

When looking at the Chicago Bears, their major challenge has been at the quarterback position. The defense is of a super bowl caliber once they boost up that defensive backfield. The receiving core can use a little improvement, and the running game is solid.

Like Brady, when he moved to the Bucs other elite players were willing to play with him feeling they would finally get to the promised land. Wilson coming to the Bears could have that same effect on other elite players who are dissatisfied with their present teams’ trajectory.

Written by Omari Jahi


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