Juanita Bynum Slams Critic While Preaching

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BynumJuanita Bynum, a self-proclaimed prophetess, slams a critic while preaching. A woman, allegedly named Linda Wilson, commented on the preacher’s live stream and called her a Jezebel. In the middle of her message, she stops to go ham on the online critic. Bynum is an American televangelist, Platinum Gospel Recording artist, New York Times Best Selling author, television, and radio host, actress, and empowerment coach, and the CEO of Juanita Bynum Enterprises.

In 1996, Bynum met Bishop T. D. Jakes who later invited her to preach at his conference. Jakes would prove to be a key figure in her transformation into a renowned prophetess. Though he knew nothing of her story, this invitation turned out to be the steppingstone for Bynum’s explosive break into national popularity. In 1998, she delivered a message titled “No More Sheets” to 17,000 people, the majority were women and brought the crowd to their feet with praise and deliverance.

Since that time and before, Bynum has become well acquainted with critics and controversy. This particular incident left listeners wondering if this type of behavior is the new standard while others applauded her for slamming the critic during the live message. Below is what Bynum said as she paused preaching to attack the critic:

Yeah, I’m not scared no more, Linda Wilson! If I’m a Jezebel, I’m God’s kind. And I done got confused because I’m preaching what God told me to preach. He said, ‘Don’t back up from these people, don’t back up no more!’ You wanna say something on my page? I’m gonna say something back – that’s right, that’s right because you are blind, that’s why you can’t see. Because if you was really of God, you wouldn’t even challenge me on this page.

The Bible said if you’re offended you come to me, by myself. So I rebuke YOU in the name of Jesus! Come on, bring it, bring it, bring it, bring it, bring it cuz you got the right one! Next, which one of y’all want to say something? When I go to your page you are a nobody – this is your biggest platform so where is your following? Since you got so much to say, where is your following? When was the last time somebody got out of a wheelchair with you? Linda Wilson! When was the last time a blinded eye was opened with you? (I’m not hearing y’all) When was the last time cancer dropped out of somebody’s body? When was the last time you raised the dead? Because I have! I have in the power of God! Where is your works, while you got so many words?

The self-proclaimed prophetess then tells the listeners to go to Linda Wilson’s page and look her up. She went on to say:

Look her up and see that I am right! I don’t want nobody to be shook who comes to this page. (Linda) You don’t even have 20 likes on nothing you have posted. That’s those six-like people who want some attention. that’s them three-like people that don’t post nothing but themselves posing and all the time with a different outfit on. that’s not what Facebook is for, that’s not what social media is for when you’re a believer.

This is what you do when you are challenged like that! Listen I survived CNN lady, I survived NBC and ABC and CBS! I survived every network from around the world. My face is on every newspaper all over the world – you’re too small to shake me. I was on TMZ, the only Christian in the history of the world, my name is in the encyclopedia.

I’m number three in history according to the Internet. I have already made history. So, this right here is just the will of God! Excuse me, but you a little late! You can show up as many times as you like because (what y’all say?) y’all say, ‘I’m here for all of it.’

The incident, which has since gone viral, occurred as Bynum preached a live message.  The preacher slammed the critic after realizing she had been called Jezebel.  Some celebrated her boldness while others were disappointed that she stopped to list an array of alleged accomplishments instead of continuing the message. 

The one thing all preachers have in common is that they are constant targets for critics. If you have a public ministry, you will be criticized. Many pastors have expressed regret at times when they have not responded humbly to critics. This may later prove to be one of those times for Bynum. Instead of ignoring the woman, the minister spewed a litany of undocumented achievements in response to being called a Jezebel. The Bible advises followers to “turn the other cheek.” On this day, however, Juanita Bynum was not having it.

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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