Mark Giangreco Missing in Action on ABC 7 Why? [Video]

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68-year old Mark Giangreco, a sports anchor for ABC 7, has been off the air for the past five-weeks following a joke he made about a colleague on the air that was in terrible taste. Giangreco has been with ABC 7 since 1994 and is believed to be the highest-paid local sportscaster in America.

What did Giangreco Say?

Giangreco reported a video of a hockey player sanding drywall with the end of his hockey stick and shooting a puck into a garbage can with the blade end. He said:

Gotta get him a show on DIY Network. We’ll call it ‘House Fix with Sticks,’ and Cheryl can play the ditzy, combative interior decorator. I got it all worked out.

GIANGRECOBurton complained to management, and a separation agreement is being worked out with ABC 7 and Giangreco. He also has not made his regular appearances on ESPN 1000.

Comparisons of Dan McNeil’s tweet about sports reporter Maria Taylor and Giangreco’s comments note that his comments fall short of McNeil’s offense level. The point here is that any level of offense is offensive.

Cheryl Burton is a prime-time anchor on ABC 7, and she has been with the network much longer than Giangreco, having joined in 1992. The Sun-Times report that this is not Giangreco’s first shot taken at Burton.

There has been ill-feeling between Giangreco and Burton for years, which seems to have been the last straw for Burton. Other co-workers of Giangreco have expressed that past similar remarks have been brushed off as playful.

With a little over a year left on his most recent contract, it is safe to say that some buyout is soon for Giangreco.

Written By Omari Jahi


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