President and First Lady Biden’s Dog Champ Dies at Age 13



Sad news for President Joe Biden and his wife First Lady Jill when their “sweet, good boy, Champ” passed away. According to the First Lady, their beloved dog died peacefully at the White House on Saturday, June 19, 2021. The Biden’s moved into the White House in January with their two German Sheperd dogs, Major and Champ — when Joe took office.

BidenThe Biden’s released a statement saying that their “hearts are heavy today” due to their “beloved” dog passing “away peacefully at home.”  They further stated that he was their “constant, cherished companion during the last 13 years.” Champ was highly “adored by the entire… family.”

In the release, they described how “Champ’s strength waned” over the past few “months.” The Biden’s said whenever they walked into the room “he would immediately pull himself up,” wagging his tail and nuzzled everyone. No matter where they were, Champ wanted to be right there with them.

And everything was instantly better when he was next to us.

Champ’s favorite things to do was to curl up at their “feet in front of a fire,” being their “comforting presence” during meetings, and sunbathing in “the White House garden.”

As a pup, he was the “happiest chasing golf balls” around the U.S. Naval Observatory’s front lawn — when Biden was former President Obama’s Vice President — and chasing around the Biden’s grandchildren when they ran around their “backyard in Delaware.”  Champ was part of their family throughout the hardest and happiest times of their lives.

Biden got him as a puppy after he was born in Pennsylvania. Their granddaughters named him.

The family adopted Major in 2018 and they have stated they plan on adopting a cat sometime in the future. Earlier this year Major made headline news when he was involved in multiple biting incidents.

Champ will greatly be missed by everyone in the family.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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