Ways to Invest in Hemp

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The hemp industry has been a growing business for a few years — longer in some states. There are a couple of different ways one can invest in this booming industry.

Since this green plant-based industry is not legal at the federal level it is difficult to invest in stocks. Many companies have their hemp businesses listed in the Canadian exchanges. Many people are hoping to soon be able to place them in the United States stock market.

However, there are several different ways a person can invest in this ever-growing industry. For example, Ancillary firms provide hemp businesses with technology, services, and materials to help them expand their companies. These firms do not deal with the plant itself which allows them to stay listed on the U.S. exchange market and make a profit off of the hemp company.

Courtesy of Mike Myers (CC0)


Another way for individuals and companies to make a profit is to invest in the medicinal side of herbal remedies. This opens up a whole new way for investors to make money.

Some companies sell vapes, smoking hardware, and other devices for their consumers. The medicinal properties of the plant can be consumed in various ways.

Some enjoy inhaling hemp or consuming edibles to receive relief from their pain, depression, anxiety, and so on. This list of medicinal properties of the herbal remedy seems to be growing every day.

Another way to invest in the cash crop is through the agricultural side of things. The cultivation of these plants is highly complex. Some areas can only grow the crop during certain times of the year. This has made many hemp farmers have to think outside of the box to grow these herbal remedy crops.

For instance, some hemp farmers use greenhouses so they can grow indoors. This process means they need dirt, containers, fertilizers, and other products to ensure they grow a fruitful crop. However, the investment can be prosperous. Especially since many individuals choose herbal remedies for their medical issues.

Some companies have figured out ways to add the medicinal properties of hemp plants to beverages and food. This discovery has opened up a new playing field for farmers and investors to make a profit from hemp.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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