‘The Batman’ Set to Release in 2022 [Video]


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“The Batman” trailer has recently been released by Warner Bros. The new DC adaptation is set to hit theaters in March 2022 and many fans have mixed feelings. In this version, Batman is played by Robert Pattinson with Zoë Kravitz playing Catwoman, a.k.a. Selina Kyle.

Warner Bros. focused on the relationship between the two characters in the upcoming film. Throughout the movie Catwoman and Batman exchange frequent impassioned, flirtatious exchanges as well as more sequenced fights.

Paul Dano plays the villainous Riddler in the 2022 film. In the trailer, Warner Bros. keeps the Riddler in the forefront while they use the antagonist as a hidden marketing tool. Batman is aggravated in every sense of the way as the Riddler leaves various clues, his signature question marks, and dead bodies in his wake.

Fans are tantalized with lots of action and play on words all through the trailer. The opening scene of the trailer shows the backside of the Batmobile as it barrels down the road. It then flips to Pattinson walking into an event as Bruce Wayne.

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For those who do not know, “The Batman” is set a few years after Wayne starts up his career as a vigilante. It shows the millionaire still struggling to balance his real life and that of Gotham City’s hero. Some believe it is during this struggle that the Riddler is able to figure out Wayne’s alter ego’s true identity.

During this time that the Riddler attempts to position himself as an agent of justice by exposing the hidden secret behind the Wayne family. Something that the family butler Alfred — played by Andy Serkis — may be aware of and has kept from the master of the house all these years.

Although it could just be that Alfred knows something about the night the vigilante’s parents, Thomas and Martha, were murdered in Crime Alley. The fact that Matt Reeves might be shaking up Batman’s origin really has many fans intrigued.

Gavin wrote on Twitter, “I’m loving the Riddler’s Riddles.” Ray tweeted, “Sooooooo excited for this movie. I’ve been feeling confident that this will be the best live-action Batman film, ever since the first teaser.
That said, I do hope Bruce makes a new suit by the end of the movie. This one still ain’t great.”

There are some fans who are upset by the fact the poster for the movie has both the Dark Knight and Catwoman. Eileen Griff tweeted, “I thought this was The Batman movie. If she is on the cover with him, why aren’t the other villains on the cover. This movie is not called the Batman & Catwoman.”

Some really love the look of the upcoming film. Aleksander Novak tweeted, “[The] New trailer is supercool! From it, it looks like Director used Arkham City and Arkham Knight as inspiration.”

Of course, there are those who feel the original Dark Knight is one of the former actors who portrayed him. For example, Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, or even Adam West — who played Batman in the old TV series.

The new film seems to have many people looking forward to the new year. Those who wish to see the new movie can do so in theaters only on March 4, 2022.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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