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Teacher Who Hung African American Doll Has Been Removed


The Whitney Young Magnet High School teacher who hung the African American doll by the neck has been removed by Chicago Public Schools (CPS) officials. The decision was made official on the evening of March 30, 2022.

The incident occurred on March 28. The white history teacher hung the doll from a cord in front of the whiteboard in his classroom. A Black colleague and the white teacher ended up in a heated argument in front of the students over the insensitive act.

Courtesy of Amy (Flickr CC0)

By Wednesday evening a petition calling for the teacher’s removal had over 400 signatures. In the petition, it stated the educator had long been a problematic presence in the high school.

Earlier in the day, Principal Joyce Kenner sent an email to the school community. It stated that administrators and CPS’ Title IX office are working together “to not only investigate and respond but to elevate student voice in the process,” according to the Chicago Suntimes.

That evening students filled the school theater to express their concerns and ask questions to district officials. The session represented “just the first step in our ongoing partnership,” Kenner stated. “They will be back in our building in the coming days to ensure due process and resolution,” she added.

CPS officials have taken over the investigation into the incident. They have removed him from the school as they explore the scandal.

The incident has infuriated many members of the community and on social media. Many are upset the teacher’s name has not been disclosed to the public as of this time. One person on social media has put a name in as a reply to the Chicago Suntimes Twitter post. However, it has not been verified as the actual name of the offending teacher.

Written by Sheena Robertson


Chicago Suntimes: CPS removes teacher who hung Black doll from cord in classroom; by Nader Issa

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