No More Old White Men Running America From the Oval Office

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Enough! 233 years and 46 presidents. With a single exception, old white men have caused more harm to our nation than any foreign enemy. The United States of America remains a young country, with an average age of 38.2 years of age.

A poll showed that 40% of all Americans do not want President Joe Biden or Donald Trump to run in 2024. I am fairly positive that if the poll had been taken primarily of men and women 40 years of age or under, the percentage would have been much higher. There is no possible way an 80-year-old man can relate to 40-year-old men and women.

America has been moving backward, and having an octogenarian in the White House will not change that fact. We need younger women and men leading our nation of 331 million people.

The American People are in desperate need of a strong and energetic leader, someone who will stand up to the extremists in Washington. Common sense and the golden rule of doing the right thing regardless of the possible consequences must return to the White House.

President Obama was a good and wise president but lacked the determination and drive to change the backward direction in Washington. President Biden has surpassed my expectations, but when the arduous task of leading 331 million people as an old man is facing him, age is a factor, and most Americans certainly feel the same. Over his four long years in office, the world watched as Trump’s already limited intellect declined rapidly. He is physically and mentally unfit for office. In reality, he does not want to pretend to be the president for another four years. Work is not in his vocabulary.

Polls taken about the subject of age in 2024 reveal the ignorance of the average American voter. Sadly, the poll showed a division along party lines, not on fact.

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A majority of Republicans believe that Biden is too old to serve a second term, but Trump would be acceptable. The reverse is true among Democrats. Let’s get real, America. I am 76 years old and too old to run for any political office. I may have the intellectual capability, but my physical energy is waning. The stress required of a working president is a job for a younger woman or man. Trump aged little outwardly because he never worked a full day in his life before, during, or after his illegitimate presidency.

In 1988, Reagan’s final year in office, he was 77 years old, the oldest president in history at that time. He showed many signs of his advancing years, including the need for long naps every day. He was obviously in the early stages of dementia and possible Alzheimer’s. This must not happen again.

I look back to two presidents who displayed the energy and drive to lead our nation forward. You won’t like one of them, but the facts are irrefutable.

John Kennedy was 46 when he was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963. He saved the world from a third world war, among his many accomplishments. His strength, combined with his wisdom, made him a great leader.

Richard Nixon was 56 when he became our 37th president and 61 when he resigned. He accomplished more than any Republican president since Teddy Roosevelt. Read his record. He was rightfully forced to resign, never impeached, but his accomplishments speak for themselves.

Sometimes age is important, and the way American presidents age in the office is proof that no man or woman in their later years should be allowed to lead the richest and most powerful nation in the world with the lives of 331 million people in their hands.

Written by James Turnage, Novelist


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