Show Some Love to Children on National Son and Daughter Day

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National Son and Daughter Day is celebrated on August 11 yearly. Most parents tell their children how much they love them on a daily basis. This annual holiday is a chance to set aside some special time to be with the one reason you stay motivated, your children.

This family holiday has gained approval from many people including Smokey Robinson and Gloria Steinem. It’s a day to remind us to take a step back from life’s hecticness and enjoy our children.

National Son and Daughter Day is a time to spoil the children a little bit without feeling guilty. And what better time than right before summer break is over? We work hard to provide for our families, sometimes children feel the brunt end of that stick.

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They may feel that we’re always busy and never have time for them. Take the day — or a few hours — to spend with your offspring. Whether it’s to play a game, go to the movies, out to eat, or just have heartfelt conversations, your children will be grateful for your time.

Smokey Robinson instituted Father-Daughter Day in an effort to stay close to his six daughters and Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day was a result of Ms. Foundation for Women and its founder, journalist Gloria Steinem’s efforts.

National Son and Daughter Day can be traced back to Missouri in the 1930s. A man from St. Joseph took up a young boy’s stance that mothers and fathers had a special day, why didn’t children?

Slowly but surely National Son and Daughter Day caught on. However, it wasn’t until a Florida House member supposedly placed a  request to the United States Congress to officially recognize the special day for the next generation.

For those who have younger juveniles, you could make them special pancakes for breakfast. You could separate the batter so you can add different colors to it to make it fun for them. Adding a bit of color and swirling them could make unicorn/rainbow pancakes.

Preschoolers love to help in any way they can. Why not include them when washing the dishes or doing some laundry? The housework would get done and they would feel special because they lent a hand.

No matter what you do National Son and Daughter Day is an opportunity to strengthen the bond you have with your children.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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