Meta (Formerly Facebook) Virtual Reality Jobs in Chicago


If you’re a believer in augmented reality, then the city of Chicago may be the place to work. The technology is growing and there are plenty of opportunities for people who want work with it.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Meta is the pioneer of augmented reality technology.

Meta is a virtual reality company headquartered in Silicon Valley. They’re one of the most innovative companies out there, and they’re looking for talented people to join their team.

Meta was founded by Meron Gribetz, who has an impressive background in computer science. He graduated from NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering and went on to earn his PhD from Columbia University. In 2012, he became interested in augmented reality technology and created Meta as a way to bring this new medium into mainstream use among businesses and consumers alike.

In addition to being based in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley (if you’ve ever been there before), Meta also has offices in Chicago! If you live or are visiting that area soon, consider applying for one of these jobs at Meta today!

Meta VR Jobs In Chicago

Meta is hiring for software engineers, product designers and production managers, sales and operations.

To apply for a VR job with Meta in Chicago visit:

How to apply for a VR job with Meta in Chicago.

Check out the job description.

Submit your application online (or apply in person).

Send in your resume and portfolio of work to the recruiter (if you want).

Where in Chicago is Meta hiring for product designers and production managers.

Meta is a company that creates Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, including the Meta 2 and the upcoming Meta 3. You might think this would require them to be in Silicon Valley or something, but they have offices all over the world!

In Chicago they’re looking for product designers, production managers and more. If you’re interested in any of these positions or others at Meta let us know!

Are there Positions available on the sales and operations side in Chicago?

Meta is hiring for a business development manager, who will work with customers to understand their needs and assist them in the design and implementation of solutions. This person will also help to identify new markets that could benefit from the technology.

Meta is hiring for a product manager, who will be responsible for defining, prioritizing and executing on product strategy across all areas of Meta’s suite of products. In this role you can expect to be part of an innovative team that works closely together on all aspects of product development including ideation through execution.

Meta is hiring for a business analyst with opportunities available in Chicago (IL), Palo Alto (CA) or Austin (TX). In this role you’ll work closely with our engineering teams to gather requirements from internal stakeholders as well as external clients and partners; analyze those requirements into actionable items; build automated test cases based on these items; write clear documentation describing each task or story; manage project tasks from start to finish including re-planning when necessary due to changes throughout the course of development; make recommendations about how code should be structured based off experience gained through previous projects; provide estimates at weekly standups regarding how long it will take until completion given existing resources (both time & money); coordinate between multiple teams involved in delivering each piece so everyone stays on track towards hitting deadlines set forth by management at all times without sacrificing quality standards set forth by company policy

If you love virtual reality, Chicago’s Meta might be the place to work

Meta is a company that is at the forefront of augmented reality. They design and manufacture headsets, software and other technologies that enable users to interact with digital content in their physical world.

Meta’s products are designed for everyone from gamers to industrial workers, medical professionals to media producers – anyone who needs to interact with digital content in the real world. If you love virtual reality, Chicago’s Meta might be the place to work!

As augmented reality takes off, Chicago does not want to be left behind.

As augmented reality (AR) continues to grow in popularity, Chicago is working hard to ensure that it stays ahead of the curve. After all, this city is known as a hub for tech and innovation: It’s home to innovative companies like Meta and many other leaders in their fields—and it’s also a place where creative minds can thrive. If you’re interested in working alongside fellow innovators while creating your own impact on the tech world, then this job might just be for you.


If you’re looking for a job in virtual reality and Chicago is where you want to be, Meta might be the place for you. With offices in Silicon Valley and New York City, as well as Chicago, Meta is hiring product designers and production managers to work remotely from anywhere in the world. If you have experience working with augmented reality at companies such as Apple or Microsoft then this job could be perfect fit for someone like yourself!

Written by DiMarkco Chandler, Armon Evans, Almightyblessing, Jeffrey Ruiz, Austin Perez, Devonte Porter, Trevon brown

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