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The People of Alaska Regained Common Sense and Ousted Palin

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In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama became the first Black man to wear the title of President of the United States of America. His challenger was the Republican Senator from Arizona, John McCain.

This presented a challenge for me. As an Independent, I was offered two candidates I respected. Both men loved their country, and more importantly, the people of our nation were their primary concern. However, when the two men chose their running mates, my decision became clear.

Obama chose a very qualified man whose reputation as a United States Senator was excellent overall, Joseph R. Biden.

McCain chose an unknown woman. Sarah Palin was the current Governor of Alaska. It was obvious from her statements during interviews that she was woefully unqualified to be first in line for the presidency. McCain had reached an age when his health could become a problem, and the thought that this totally unqualified woman could become our president was frightening.

After Obama won the election, Palin revealed herself. Her positions on the issues important to America were extreme. It was no surprise that in 2010 she left the Republican Party and joined the regressive TEA Party. The rest is history.

Yesterday, August 31, 2022, Democrat Mary Peltola defeated Palin in a special election for the only seat in the House of Representatives from the state of Alaska. Her victory is being called an “upset” because Palin had been endorsed by your former illegitimate president, Donald Trump.

It is highly likely that Trump’s endorsement produced a negative impact. It is even more likely that Palin’s own antics in her home state, combined with her outrageous position on issues most important to most people, were unacceptable to the people of Alaska.

Peltola will become the first indigenous member of Congress from her state. She is a former state legislator who joins other Democrats in special elections across America as victors over their Republican opponents. This situation began after one of the darkest days in America, June 24, 2022, when six biased members of the Supreme Court voted to overturn a nearly 50-year-old decision by a previous Court to protect the reproductive rights of women, Roe v Wade.

Courtesy of Kevin Smith (Flickr CC0)

Peltola’s victory added to the concerns of Republicans about the upcoming November midterm elections. With each loss in the primaries and, more importantly, victories by Republican candidates Moscow Mitch McConnell referred to as “weak,” hopes for regaining control of the House and Senate appear questionable.

Those who call themselves “Republicans” today have only themselves to blame. Their devotion to the worst president in American history may be the core reason why Independent voters are rejecting candidates running under the flag of the once Grand Old Party.

It is not my intention to demean the qualifications of Democratic candidates. There are many fine men and women asking for our votes. For the first time I can remember, I agree with Moscow Mitch. Republicans have few candidates qualified for the positions they seek.

Palin is an embarrassment to all real Republicans, but she is not alone. Look at Georgia’s Republican candidate for the Senate, Herschel Walker. He is unfit for any political office. Recent comments about the Inflation Recovery Act offered irrefutable facts that he is a virtual moron.

In Pennsylvania, Republican voters gave their Senatorial nomination to “Dr. Oz” in a close race. This is another man who is unfit to hold public office. A recent statement about the worst decision in history by our nation’s highest Court proves that he is not only unqualified but a hypocrite. In the past “Oz,” as a television personality, supported Roe v Wade. However, as a politician, he claims that “abortion for any reason is murder.”

My congratulations to Peltola for running on the issues important to the people of Alaska and refusing to succumb to the challenges of another Republican whose only tactics were negative attacks on her opponent and liberals who are attempting to repair the damage created by four years of Trump’s failed presidency.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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