TikTok Was Crashing for iPhone Users, What’s Going On?

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For iOS users, TikTok is crashing, and as a result, iPhone users went to Twitter to output their concerns. According to Down Detector that the crash occurred around 5:20 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on September 15.

An iPhone owner said the following on the Down Detector site “My TikTok keeps crashing straight away every time I open the app,” and sadly, lots of other people shared the exact same experience. Some people complained that the app did not move while it was on a loading screen. Thankfully, the
the puzzling bug was able to be fixed, but the video-sharing app continues to be very discrete as to what caused the crash

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Lots of people think that the crash has to do with Apple’s latest iPhone update, but as said previously before, TikTok has not yet said what caused the crash. Many people may wonder how an iPhone update can cause this, well when developers make changes to their platform, they unintentionally make inconsistently in the app because the modifications are not compatible neither or not supported by the iOS update in some sort of way.

If your TikTok crashes here are some potential solutions that may fix TikTok:

Check TikTok Servers, Check the Latest Update, and Internet Connection. 

  • Sometimes, the issue is not with the phone itself but it is with the server. The TikTok app might be under server maintenance, so before it is assumed that there is a crashing issue, make sure that the server is online.
  • Usually, an application will not work the right way if it’s not updated to its latest version. Check if the mobile device has an Auto-update. People can also check the Google Play store or App Store if there is a downloadable TikTok Update.
  • One more thing is that the phone presumably has no more data or has a slow internet connection. Make sure that the connection is stable and with a strong internet speed.

Check System Requirements (for Android)

  • The required operating system that TikTok requires for Android is Android 5.0 and above. Old models of androids are suggested to be upgraded to Android 5.0.

Restart Tiktok

  • To fix the issue immediately the best option is to restart TikTok. Apps that are kept running for a long time in the background look to have issues. The affected app should be able to work again after being closed, then opened.

Restart Phone

  • Hold down the power button for a couple of seconds and press restart. Some mobile devices that have been powered on for a very long time need a restart for them to work better. As some phone updates will not work good without the necessary reboot similarly in PCs

Shut down other Applications/Background Apps

  • It is possible multiple apps at the same time are being used and your device the lacking the RAM to run all of the apps in the background. Simply close the apps one by one or choose the option close all before TikTok is opened.

Delete App Cache/Data

  • Some app errors are unrelated to server problems or development. TikTok may crash because of a corrupted app cache or expired data. See whether the issue is fixed by first attempting to clear the app’s cache.
  • If nothing has changed, then it is advised to remove the app’s data. By doing this, it is possible to reset the program to its factory settings and delete your login information from it. Once you’ve deleted an app’s data, then it is needed to log back in.

Redownload TikTok

Delete the app and re-download it from Google Playstore or App Store. doing this resets the app by deleting it from the device.

Ask TikTok for assistance

If none of this works then, it is possible to contact TikTok Support and ask for some possible fixes that they might have to recommend.

Written By Lance Santoyo
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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Inset Image Courtesy of Kanesue Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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