Bears Trade Robert Quinn to Eagles

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The Trade

The Chicago Bears traded defensive end Robert Quinn to the Philadelphia Eagles on October 26, 2022. This happened after Quinn’s superb season with the Bears last year. He set a franchise record for the Bears with eighteen and a half sacks for the season. This is a very big improvement from the year before when the Bears acquired Quinn. The bears did this for the reason that they know they are not a super a bowl contending team.

The staff knows Justin Fields is just not there yet with big-time game moments. It would be best for them and Quinn to not waste Quinn’s time and years on a team that will not win anything while also saving the Bears time. The pick will come in handy for the Bears in the future. The team will most likely pick an offensive lineman in the first round. That would be in their best interest since the team’s offensive blocking rating is one of the lowest in the league.

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How Will This Affect The Team

Immediately after the trade Bears Linebacker, Robert Quinn had some tough words to say about the situation. “Sucks,” Smith said. “I have a great deal of respect for that guy. Crazy.” Smith said this before needing a minute alone to himself. Right now the whole team is feeling as if they lost a family member because that is exactly how they see one another as a family.

On the field, the team will have a steady decrease in sacks without Quinn on the edge rush. The quarterback always had to pay a bit more attention to the side where Quinn would be. This was because they understood if they were caught not paying attention to that side the quarterback would pay the price. The Bears are best known for their defense. However, if they cannot keep up with today’s offense in the NFL it will be a very bad time for Bears fans. Rarely ever do Bears fans rely on offense to win the games.

Best Scenario

Bears fans have to hope the team’s general manager can pull some spectacular pick with this pick they traded for. Spectacular like the Fields pick they made. If the pick the team has struck a prospect that ends up developing as a star, the Bears will attract more attention from superstar free agents. Chicago is a very big market and every player is attracted to big market teams because that means big market money.

Although, if this trade does end up going well for the Bears, Fields needs to improve for the rest of this season. He is still very young but so was Mitch Trubisky. Something about Bears fans is they have very little patience. Now that is not to say they do not give anyone a chance, but if you suck they will let you know.  That is something Chicago has always been very well at.

How Quinn Feels

Quinn never showed any signs of wanting to leave the team. Quinn spoke to the Sun-Times last week that he did not want to go anywhere else. After seeing his star teammate get traded to the Los Angeles Chargers. It must have been difficult to deal with the staff’s handling of the situation. Also, the fact that Quinn still says only good things about the Bears shows the level of professionalism he has. The Eagles are a very promising team and have the potential to contend for a super bowl this year. Quinn will have a better chance to achieve something great with that team. The Bears hopefully will look a lot better in the next few years.

Written by Vincent Sauseda Jr.


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