‘Chainsaw Man’ Part 1 Full Manga Review

Chainsaw man
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“Chainsaw Man” is one of the most popular manga (comics or graphic novels originating from Japan) within the last several years. The series was written by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The story follows Denji, a young man who became a devil hunter when a girl threatened his life. “Chainsaw man” as a story is about many different things. It is narratively complex and will take time to truly understand. Despite only it being 97 chapters or 11 volumes, Tatsuki Fujimoto manages to accomplish telling a story with deep levels of complexity. This will not only be a review, but also an analysis. There will be spoilers from the manga in this article.


The characters in “Chainsaw Man” feel real. Even though many of them die or were bound to die, none of the characters feel bland. They each have distinct personalities and consistent characterization. They fall in love, their lives get worse, limbs go missing and they are still them. The characters in this series all have interesting character motivations and things that matter to them. Many of them have conflicting ideologies on topics and they have interesting interactions on that. It is a fun series with cool characters.

Power system

“Chainsaw Man” has an interesting power system. It is a supernatural manga like many before it so its power system is inherently connected to that premise. In the world of “Chainsaw Man” devils correspond with things that people fear. Many people fear certain things, so the devils that correspond with those fears exist. The more people fear something the stronger that devil is. The Chainsaw devil is the strongest devil because all of the other devils fear it. The power system is extremely simple and easy to understand. With a simple power system, every interaction makes clear sense.

“Chainsaw Man’s” Art

The art within the pages of “Chainsaw Man” is absolutely astonishing. The linework and shading are always top quality. The art style lends itself to the dark aesthetic of the manga. The blood, guts, and mayhem all look vivid and sharp. The graphic visual aspects of “Chainsaw man” are what help communicate the tone of the manga and the tone of the story overall.

Narrative complexity

“Chainsaw Man”’s narrative complexity is one of its most defining characteristics. The story has a lot to say about intimacy, love, and relationships. It has a lot to say about dreams, goals, and what it means to be free. “Chainsaw Man” is about how Denji chooses to interact with these ideals. Instead of Denji being the typical shonen protagonist and wanting to be at the top of his hierarchy, he simply wants to live life and experience the world. This is a great breath of fresh air from the typical shonen “I want to be the best” type of story.

Chainsaw man
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He says this in his own way of course, but he simply wants to live his best life. Denji is a character driven by desire, he lusts not for power but for experience. However, time and time again he is manipulated into doing things that he doesn’t want to do.

At no moment in his entire life in the manga is he free. He only frees himself at the end when he kills the main villain the control devil, by eating them.

The Anime

There is much more to this manga than meets the eye. There are only 11 volumes in the first part of “Chainsaw man” so it is easy to read and catch up for the new anime. The manga is currently being adapted into an anime by Mappa studios and currently sits at 1 episode. People can watch the new “Chainsaw Man” on Hulu. People can also watch anime on Crunchyroll.

A Strong 8.5 Out of 10

“Chainsaw man” is an excellent manga with lots of substance. Many claim it to just be a dark power fantasy full of blood, guts, and violence. They are correct, it is those things and more. Beyond the power fantasy, and beyond the violence is a story about a young man trying to understand what it means to be free. “Chainsaw man” is a strong story with strong art.

Written by  Kenneth Mazerat


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