Another Mass Shooting in Chesapeake, Virginia

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Last Night

Tuesday night of November 22, 2022, was a very normal day for Walmart employees. It was an hour before closing the store when an employee opened fire in the break room. The gunman killed six people and hospitalized four. First responders were on the scene immediately in active shooter tactics. They swept through the whole store and realized the shooter inflicted himself.

One employee that survived the incident texted their son saying they were scared and shaking. Right outside the Walmart was a deceased person. It was a horrible incident, and there have to be many reasons why this occurred.

Courtesy of Lisa Larson (Flickr CCO)

Another Shooting

This is the second mass shooting in the last two weeks. Another one Prior to this week there was a mass shooting in Colorado Springs at the LGBTQ club named “Club Q.” Five people were killed in that mass shooting, and it would have been a lot more if it was not for the bravery of Richard Fierro.

He was the reason no more people were stuck by the gunman. He says he grabbed the shooter pulled him down and started beating on him over and over. Another person in the crowd helped Fierro beat down the gunman.

Everyone sees him as a hero, except him. Now that is what you call a humble mindset right there. Not only just looking out for his family but looking out for everybody.

Who We Vote For

Another aspect people have to realize is who we vote for in our elections. The reason for this is that different politicians have different views on firearms. Also, it is tragic events like this one that should delegate more people into voting for safer firearm laws.

What is the point of owning a carbine, rifle, or shotgun? It is not like we are in a zombie apocalypse or something. Be mindful of who you are voting for and their views on certain controversial topics.

Written by Vincent Sauseda Jr.


CNN: At least 6 people were killed in a shooting at a Walmart in Virginia, officials say. The shooter is also dead

YahooNews: Walmart shooting in Virginia : At least 7 dead, including suspect

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Inset image courtesy of Lisa Larson Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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