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Lions Beat the Bears in a Close Game

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How the Game was Going

It was looking like another disappointing loss for the Detroit Lions when they were down fourteen points in the fourth quarter in last Sunday’s game again the Chicago Bears. Everything went the wrong way for the Detroit Lions in the first three quarters. Justin fields looked like that guy scoring two touchdowns and rushing for over sixty yards. It was a very razzle-dazzle game for the young quarterback. On the other hand, Jared Goff had a very good game as well scoring one touchdown for 236 yards. In the past two games, Goff has very much been showing the Lions why it was a good decision to trade for him.

The real turning point for the Lion was in the fourth quarter when they were down by fourteen points. The comeback all started when Jeff Okudah a player with Detroit intercepted Fields in the fourth quarter. This was a very big deal because it was this touchdown that tied the game for the Detroit Lions. The Bears fired back with a touchdown from Fields. After this, the Lions were very angered by how easily the Bears scored a touchdown. The Lions then proceeded to score a touchdown with Jamaal Williams to tie the game. All Lions needed was a field game to seal the game. Michael Badgley (Lions field goal punter) scored the field goal with ease taking the win for his team. Bears players walked off the field in soreness knowing they played their hearts out.

Courtesy of davelawrence8 (Flickr CCO)

Lions Season so Far

NFC team is currently 3-6. This win over the Bears snaps their seven-game losing streak of playing teams on the road. The Lions just have to clearly step up. They should not be doing this badly. They seem to never win and go on losing streaks every other week. The Lions had a great quarterback in Matthew Stafford and ended up wasting his young career in Detroit. Providing him with barely any pieces to work with. It was very depressing seeing Stafford go game in and game out on every team just to lose in the end. Good thing they traded him and Stafford was able to win a ring with the Los Angeles Rams.

Where The Lions Need To be

Right now the Lions are nowhere near where they need to be. They need to stop going for the draft picks and stick to signing stars. It is very obvious that the draft pick and tanking method just does not work. They have not been to the playoffs since 2016, and that was a loss in a wild-card game. They need to fire the general manager and start looking for someone who really wants to win a ring.

It is embarrassing for a franchise to only qualify for the playoffs sixteen times out of sixty-one seasons. The Lions are one of four teams in the whole NFL to not make it to the Super bowl, and the only team in the NFC to not play in the super bowl. They need to get back to the days when they had Megatron when he would jump up and catch the ball like nothing. Yes, they did not win a title but those times were very exciting. Hopefully, the Lions can get back to that level in a few years.

Written by Vincent Sauseda


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