What I Would Give to Be at the GOP Meeting in Las Vegas Today

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There will surely be lots of shouting, confused faces, and threats to take back their money coming from billionaire GOP supporters in Las Vegas today. A meeting is underway between right-wing leaders and their largest donors. The discussion is about who they will support in 2024: Donald “the Loser” Trump, or Ron “the Bigot” DeSantis.

Trump Lost Another Election on November 8th: This Time for the GOP

The recent election resulted in doubt that Trump remains the leader of today’s Republican Party in name only. That is a huge problem because they are aware that the majority of voters claim to be Independents, and neither Trump nor DeSantis appeals to them. It appears that Democrats could win with an octogenarian as their standard bearer.

Too Early to Declare for 2024

I remember shaking my head in March of 2015 when the worst senator in Washington, Ted Cruz, announced his intention to run for the Republican Party’s nomination in 2016. This was ridiculously early. Not to be outdone, Trump declared for 2024 just days ago, nearly two years prior to election day. Ridiculous.

For a Short Time the Truth Will Exist Among “Republicans” in Las Vegas

What is of great importance here is the truth. Every person at this meeting today knows that Trump was the worst man to ever occupy the White House. They are fully aware that he accomplished nothing, and should have been removed from office after his first impeachment. And there is no doubt he committed treason twice: on January 6, when he planned, organized and executed a failed coup, and again on January 20, 2021, when he removed classified documents from the White House. He is unfit for any office based on section three of the 14th Amendment. All of these facts are undeniable and most Independent voters will recognize the truth in November of 2024.

Nothing About Trump is New, Some Are Now Admitting the Truth

Republican governors, former cabinet members, and other members of the right-wing leadership are calling Trump a “loser,” and calling for the party to move on from the man they claimed to worship just one year ago.

Courtesy of The White House (Wikimedia PDM)

“Maybe there’s a little blood in the water and the sharks are circling,” Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican presidential prospect himself and a frequent Trump critic, said in an interview. “I don’t think we’ve ever gotten to this point before.”

If they are honest, Trump is not a Republican in any way imaginable. He is a fascist whose followers share his beliefs in autocracy, white supremacy, and the existence of a plutocracy. They and he are not Americans.

DeSantis is Also Unfit to be our President

But, let’s be honest: would DeSantis be any better? The answer is a resounding “no.” The truth is they do not have a qualified, legitimate candidate in 2024, and have not had one for a decade.

“Republicans” have proven themselves incapable of governing. Every red state has among its citizens the poorest people in the country. If you doubt me, look at the results of the popular vote since 1992. Only once in 30 years has a Republican candidate won the popular vote, and that was questionable in 2004 when George W. Bush won his reelection. That would not have happened if a biased Supreme Court had not given him the 2000 election.

There is no “Republican Party”

This meeting in Las Vegas today is pure desperation. If the truth was told, the Republican Party no longer exists. These men and women have abandoned the principles, morals, and ideas of the once “Grand Old Party.”

By James Turnage, Author of “A Brother’s Revenge”


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