A Prediction: If Trump Runs in 2024, He Will Likely Lose the Nomination, and if Nominated Suffer a Huge Defeat

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Trump is Fading Away, but not as Quickly as I Would Like

Little by little Trump is becoming nothing but a fading nightmare for most Americans. He is insignificant and has little interest for most Americans in 2022. Even slightly informed voters are convinced that his “big lie” about the 2020 election is just that. Not a single court in any state, or the Supreme Court, stacked by Moscow Mitch McConnell and Trump, ruled in his favor after he challenged the election.

Trump Endorsed Candidates Destined to Lose

On November 8, candidates endorsed by Trump were defeated. The result was extremely disappointing for fake Republicans who expected to regain control of both the House and Senate. Thanks to Trump’s arrogance and need to regain relevance, Republicans hold an extremely thin margin in the House and lost a seat in the Senate.

The Term “Hypocrite” has Become Synonymous with “Republican”

Although for four years their entire party was composed of hypocrites and traitors to the American people, some fake Republicans are treating Trump for what he is, a pariah. I knew it, and hundreds of other informed writers knew this would eventually happen, but members of the once Grand Old Party remain desperate to find votes in future elections as their base continues to decline.

Not a Single Worthy Candidate on the Right-Side of the Aisle

The problem for the right wing is huge. They fail to have a single qualified candidate worthy of your vote. However, after the Herschel Walker, Dr. Oz, and Kari Lake debacles, Republican voters proved they are willing to vote for anyone who has an “R” next to their name on the ballot. They have no concerns about qualifications, experience, a moral center, or principles. I honestly have no idea what values they possess in the 21st century if any.

Prominent “Republicans” are Abandoning the Orange Buffoon

Former Speaker of the House and Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012, Paul Ryan, offered this observation.

“He’s not going to be the nominee, I don’t think,” Ryan, a former presidential running mate, said in an interview with consulting firm Teneo.

McCarthy’s Victory or Loss Will Reveal the Future of the Once GOP

Those of you who are not obsessed with American politics won’t understand one irrefutable fact but believe me, this will affect the future of the Republican Party, and of course the worst president in American history.

It is vital for Trump that Kevin McCarthy secures his party’s confidence and becomes the Speaker of the House. The hypocrite and flip-flopper from California remains devoted to Trump. There is growing doubt among the small majority in the House that he will receive a sufficient number of votes to secure his lifelong dream. It would be a huge blow for Trump and Trump supporters if McCarthy was defeated.

All “Republicans” are Unfit for Office, Nor is Fascist Donald Trump

The problem for Trump and the 2024 election if in fact, he does seek the nomination, is simple: he cannot stop being Donald Trump. His entire life is based on lies, criminal activity, and debauchery. He is undoubtedly a malignant narcissist and lacks the intelligence to learn from his many mistakes.

I continue to maintain the theory that the 2020 election was more of a vote against Trump and his fascist ambitions, and less of a vote of confidence in Joe Biden. I admit that the President has surprised me. He is a tireless hard-working leader whose agenda for our nation’s future is admirable and necessary.

The simple fact is Trump has not gained supporters, he is rapidly losing members of his cult. His failure to support viable Republican candidates in the 2022 midterm elections destroy his party’s hopes. He, alone, is responsible for the many losses suffered by the right wing.

I Hope to Live Long Enough to Lose my Memories of Trump

Personally, I am anxiously awaiting the day when I never hear the name Trump, or think about how much I despise him for the harm he has done to my beloved country.

By James Turnage, Author of “The Holiday Killer”


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