Car Crash History

Car Crash
Car Crash
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What are the causes of a car crash? Could it be the slippery roads? Could it be reckless driving? Did the driver lose control of the car? With the variety of causes of these situations, let’s dig deeper into the matter!

Reckless Driving

Recently in Chicago, there was a high-speed chase when officers attempted to stop a young man making an illegal U-turn. This accident was located on the south block of Michigan Avenue, in the evening. Due to this attempt to allude to the police, the man died in a car crash. In the midst of the chaos, he crashed into two other cars, causing an 18-year-old young man to be rushed to the hospital. That young man was reported to be in fair condition.

The runaway driver also caused an older man with his two children to be transported to Stroger Hospital. They were reported to be in fair condition as well. This obviously isn’t the first time a citizen has crashed their car. Whether it’s the slippery roads, reckless driving, or sudden loss of control of their car, who is to say the causes of most accidents? 

Car Crash
Courtesy of Jessica S. (Flickr CC0)

A few days ago a citizen was speeding down the northbound highway in the southbound lane. They were driving a Dodge Charger, on the south side in the evening. The vehicle’s owner crashed into several other vehicles when entering the intersection.

The car burst into flames immediately after the collision, Police Superintendent David Brown, stated. He added that additional two passengers were also killed, during a news conference.

Icy Roads

The roads can be vulnerable as the temperature drops and cause roads to freeze over during the night. Heavy and thick snow showers sticking to certain parts of the streets can cause the roads to be very slippery. These conditions can cause vehicles to crash.

Some communities could expect to see icy conditions on exposed roads because of the dangerous conditions, according to the National Weather Service. In some of the northern areas, the temperatures will remain below usual.

Throughout the weekend, temperatures will continue to decrease and wind chills will be dipping into single digits. The residents of Lake, Grundy, McHenry, Kankakee, and Lasalle counties are encouraged to drive with caution. As well as the counties of Indiana, Jasper, and Newton.

Written by Tiffany Fleming


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Geoff Henson’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License

Inset Image Jessica S.’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License

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