The Civil War Continues, Only the Carnage Has Decreased

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On April 9, 1865 the bloodshed on battlefields across America began to subside. This date is considered the “end of the Civil War.” But the truth is, only the killing has stopped. The Union remains divided, proven by the illegitimate presidency of Donald John Trump.

Racism Remains the Greatest Problem in America

Pervasive racism is a national problem, but white supremacy remains a part of daily life in the southern part of our country. State governments attempt to deny this fact, but cannot. The truth continues to rise above the lies, and for men and women of color, existing in what are known as “red states” is difficult.

Red States and Voter Suppression

The South was the first to pass legislation removing voting rights from Black men and women, blatant voter suppression. The South also hurried to pass anti-abortion laws focused on disadvantaged women, primarily Black women, after a politicized Supreme Court nullified a decision made by a respected Court 49 years in the past. This has become one of the darkest days in American History. On June 24, 2022, The Supreme Court of the United States of America ceased to exist in the manner designed by our Founding Fathers.

What Is Wrong With the People Who Live in the “Peach State?”

Nothing proves this fact better than the battle for a seat in the Senate in the bright red state of Georgia.

Early voting has begun in a runoff election between former NFL Running Back, Herschel Walker, and his Democratic rival, Reverend Raphael Warnock, who is the incumbent. We will know the results on December 6th.

Walker is the butt of jokes from every late-night comedian, and he has earned every one of them. He is the least qualified candidate for any political office since Donald Trump. I doubt that he can count from one to ten without stumbling. There is absolutely no reason why he should become a United States Senator, other than a desperate need for Republicans to hold a seat which if lost would give Democrats a larger majority. White people in Georgia will vote for anyone unless they have a “D” next to their name.

A Candidate Without Morals or Dignity

Walker has been confirmed as a sexual predator, a liar, and a hypocrite. However, he is only two percentage points behind Reverend Warnock in the latest polls. I am not making this up, and I find it very sad and disturbing.

Polls No Longer Apply to Reality

Of course, no one should pay any attention to the polls as proven by the recent 2022 midterm elections. The methodology for taking polls is jaded because few homes have landlines. Most Americans, including yours truly, block any number we do not know. The people I enjoy talking with all have their own ring tones.

Only a Few Changes as the Civil War Rages On

The first part of the Civil War was a struggle to end the “rights” of white men to own black men and women. Today’s version of that war continues to be a fight for human rights and so much more. Red states believe that only whites should vote. They also believe that women have a single purpose: to serve men. Most importantly, they support unrestricted gun ownership, and the establishment of Christianity as America’s one, true religion. They do not believe that the Constitution applies to them.

The ”United” States of America is a Dream Never Realized

In reality, we have never been the “United States of America,” with the exception of times when we shared a common enemy, such as the tragic events on 9/11.

I will not live long enough to see the end of “red and blue states.” Until this happens, there will remain doubts about the future of America.

By James Turnage, Author of “Down from the Mountain”


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Top and featured image courtesy of Adam Jones‘ Flickr page – Creative Commons License

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  1. If Walker is the best candidate the Republicans can muster up then they are really in trouble. But like you stated: he is the least qualified candidate since Trump, but look what happened there?

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