America’s Future Depends Upon the Growth of Its Diversity

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Trump Moved Our Nation Backwards

Between 2017 and 2021 America allowed itself to be led into its dark past. Trump and his white supremacist cult embraced the fascist philosophy of the biggest tyrants in history. It was no surprise when Trump organized the January 6 attempt to overthrow our government that he chose leaders of Neo-Nazi groups to guide the rioters into and through the Capitol Building. Not once in four years was Trump “presidential,” and he saved his worst act for the end.

All “Republicans” are negative and backward-thinking men and women. Right-wing politicians are mostly racists and bigots, who are incapable of governing 331 million people. There is a legitimate reason Democrats and most Independents are referred to as “progressives.” But this is old news that was exposed during Trump’s illegitimate presidency.

While “Republicans” ignore and even hate the growth of diversity in America, real Americans embrace the fact that the dream of our founding fathers is nearly complete. Sociologists are surprised that the day when America no longer has more pure whites than citizens of color will arrive much sooner than expected.

Racism Remains America’s Biggest Problem

At the root of most of our country’s problems is racism, followed by bigotry and misogyny. Black Americans continue to fight for equality and respect. Members of the LGBTQ community are shunned and even feared without justification. For about half of our nation’s people, several Christian-based religious leaders, and one entire political party, women remain third-class citizens.

The order is all men, all fertilized ovum and a fetus of any size, white women, and finally all women who are not pure white. Not only is the American government the most corrupt in the world, but our nation is also the least evolved of all developed nations. Our problems are many and all of the critical issues continue to be ignored by the party of Reagan and Trump.

Important Changes Happening Quickly

A couple of remarkable statistics. In 2020, four out of ten Americans identified themselves with a racial or ethnic group that was not pure white. The decade between 2010 and 2020 was the first decade in America’s history when the race labeled “all-white” declined in numbers. Members of our diverse population are having children, while whites are less likely to reproduce.

Just 56 years ago, interracial marriage was protected by the Supreme Court for the first time. During that short period of time, the color of our nation began to resemble what it was destined to become, various shades of black, brown, and varied skin tones of Asian Americans.

In my encounters at the grocery store and other venues, it is more common to see couples with children who are mixed race. I have no doubt that this will continue to be the norm, rather than the exception that it was just a few decades in the past.

When Will America Become a “Great Nation?”

I doubt that I will be here when the United States finally becomes a “great nation.” This will not happen until the contributions made by citizens of the most diverse country in the world are fully recognized, and racism and bigotry no longer exist.

Lucky to Have Been Raised in a State Which Cherished Diversity

Finally, I feel extremely lucky to have attended a very diverse high school for my last two years. I learned more during those two years than I did in the previous ten. I had friends and acquaintances who were Black, Hispanic, Asian American and were Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, and Atheists. This is how I began to learn about the real United States of America.

What amazes me most is that the Civil Rights Law of 1964 was not passed until the year I graduated. Where I lived in West Los Angeles, nearly everything remained the same. I later learned that the biggest changes were being made in states which formerly protected the right to own slaves.

By James Turnage

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Top and featured image courtesy of Miles Peacock‘s Unsplash page – Creative Commons License

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