Chicago Welcomes 33 Dogs From Texas

Courtesy of Adriana Castelan

The city welcomes dogs From Texas after a tornado blew away the roof of an animal shelter. Moreover, the shelter was one of many more that had to evacuate their dogs because of the tornado. PAWS received 33 dogs on Monday, February 6, at their Little Village clinic. Which is located at 3516 West 26th Street (also known as PAWS Chicago Medical Center and Lurie Clinic).

Facts About The Dogs That Arrived

  • 33 dogs were rescued in total.
  • The dogs are between six months to three years old.
  • Twenty-seven of the pups are under a year old.
  • They are breeds of all kinds.
  • Have a range of medical conditions.
  • Nineteen are males.
  • Fourteen are females.
  • There are eight families and eight individual dogs that will be set for adoption.

In addition, after the dogs get their vaccines and are in good health conditions, they will be ready to adopt at Paws Adoption Center in Lincoln Park. Adoption information will be on

PAWS Chicago

PAWS is the city’s largest No Kill humane organization. They help prevent the killings of homeless pets especially. PAWS was founded in 1997. In 1997 the number of homeless dogs in the city was extremely high, and more than half would be put to sleep permanently. Paula and Alexis Fasseas thought they had to do something about this, therefore founding PAWS. Since then, they have opened a facility, and have two more across the U.S.

Courtesy of Jeffrey Beall (Flickr CC0)

Their missions are to build No Kill communities here in the city and all across the U.S. Secondly, to end the overpopulation of homeless animals (through solutions, practices, and education). Third, to transform animal Welfare (by treating animals with humane laws and environments).

Their Values are:

  • Respect.
  • Community.
  • Innovation.
  • Pro-Activity.
  • Transparency.
  • Education.
  • Sustainability.
  • Compassion.

Why Dogs Should Be Adopted:

A rescue dog owner Pablo A. stated, “As the owner of a rescue dog, I’ve come to learn how beneficial they are, not only for ourselves but for the dogs too. The benefits of adopting a dog — a rescue dog — go beyond having company and someone to run with, by adopting a dog you are saving a life that has been through trauma. These dogs require the most help, they need us, they need a family. Before my dog Luna moved to Chicago, she came from a high-kill shelter in Alabama. She was one of few dogs that were able to get adopted, it’s hard to imagine how many aren’t as lucky to get adopted and stay in shelters, and eventually get put to sleep.”

There are many reasons why dogs end up in animal shelters, some of those reasons include neglect, abuse, families can’t afford to keep taking of them, they get too sick, etc. Due to those overwhelming intake rates, shelters are not able to take in all of them. Millions of animals need a home each year, unfortunately not all get adopted. In the future, however, that can be changed.

Animal Shelters

Places that have animals in need of a home are:

  • PAWS Chicago.
  • Chicago Animal Care and Control.
  • Chicago Canine Rescue.
  • The Anti-Cruelty Society.
  • One Tail At a Time.
  • Famous Fido Rescue No Kill Advocacy Wellness and Learning Center.
  • Precious Pets Almost Home.
  • Red Door Animal Shelter.
  • New Leash On Life.
  • Touched by an Animal.
  • The Cat Cade.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, animal shelters have been more overwhelmed than ever. Additionally, if many more of the people that are able to adopt animals do, more animals will be able to have a home. However, even if people are not able to adopt, there are many ways everyone can help, including donating to local animal shelters.

By Adriana Castelan


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Featured Image by Pablo Arredondo Courtesy of Adriana Castelan

Inset image by Jeffrey Beall Courtesy of Flick Page- Creative Commons License

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