What “He Gets Us” Means to Me

He Gets Us
He Gets Us
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I Am Not Opposed to Your Religious Beliefs

Some of you who read me likely think that I do not believe in religion or Jesus Christ. You would be partly mistaken. I do reject organized religions created by men. However, I treasure and fully believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. I am not convinced that He was the Son of God. I am more inclined to believe he was like Mohammad, a great and wise prophet who preached peace and love towards all. If you read the New Testament and the Quran, the similarities are undeniable.

“He Gets Us”

During Super Bowl LVII, “The Servant Foundation,” known by its business entity, “Signatry,” placed two ads at the estimated cost of $20 million. They had also placed ads during the Conference Championships two weeks ago. In my state of Nevada, I have seen them frequently. A rough estimate reports that the foundation spent about $100 million total on these ads. The question is “why?”

It’s important to know that although the messages appear to encourage peace, love, understanding, and acceptance, the Servant Foundation also spends millions of dollars opposing a woman’s right to an abortion, and other right wing extremist causes.

America, a Nation Defined by Growth and Change

Here’s what I know. Millennials, Generation X, and other groups the media has decided to use to describe younger Americans of specific ages, have decided to decline following the religions of their parents and others in large numbers. Leading to the loss of new converts in Christianity. Younger Americans choose not to accept teachings based on fear tactics and fairy tales which tend to present questions without answers. Adding to these groups are millions like me who no longer believe in any organized religion, and this is no surprise. The fastest growing “religion” has become “none of the above.” The fastest growing organized religion is the Muslim faith founded by the Prophet Mohammad.

Misleading the American People

“The campaign is arresting, portraying the pivotal figure of Christianity as an immigrant, a refugee, a radical, an activist for women’s rights and a bulwark against racial injustice and political corruption.”

However, they are dangerously misleading. The fact is that Jesus Christ, the “He” in “He Gets Us,” did not exclude homosexuals, or Black men and women in his teachings. And there is no definition in the Old or New Testament of when “life” begins after fertilization. This has been defined by leaders of Christianity and other faith-defined organizations. Mortal men, not gods, are attempting to influence your lives and prevent the Constitutional rights of women to decide the fate of their own physical and mental futures.

It’s Always About the Money

One part of this discussion must include the oldest and most truthful adage in history: “follow the money.”

Why is a single organization willing to spend such an enormous amount of money in an attempt to encourage new members? This reminds me of the 2016 presidential campaign when Evangelical leaders strongly supported Trump and encouraged their followers to do the same. They spent millions of dollars attempting to aid his efforts to become the least qualified man to ever defile the White House. More importantly, they urged their “flock” to donate as well. If Christian leaders can convince younger Americans that they are the true ministers of God’s will, they will continue to be among the wealthiest of Americans. For most Americans, there is only one god: money.

Although Trump is the “anti-Christ,” his fame as an old fool who will do anything if his ego is protected has been confirmed many times. When he proved that he is a godless, self-absorbed failure, evangelicals ignored the truth and continued to sing his undeserved praises.

If You are a True Believer, I Strongly Support You

I will continue to strongly support men and women who truly believe in the religion of their choice. I condemn those who use religion for personal gain, including many leaders of every faith in the world, and members of political parties.

For example, I condemn equally the men who call themselves Muslims but ignore the teachings of Mohammad. Nowhere in the Quran is violence acceptable for any reason. Nowhere in the New Testament did Jesus Christ teach his followers that it was acceptable to judge others and condemn them for their own beliefs. Jesus taught his followers four precepts: love, kindness, understanding, and acceptance. If you haven’t read the New Testament, I suggest you do so. This includes many religious leaders who ignore the New Testament because it cannot defend their personal beliefs.

“Us” Is an All Inclusive Word, and Not Applicable in These Ads

The greatest lie in these advertisements is the basic line: “He Gets Us.” The “Us” in this ad does not relate to all Americans. These ads are placed by white supremacists and bigots who want you to agree with their prejudices. It is very offensive to those like myself who believe in the complete separation of church and State. When religion is introduced into the actions of our government, most Americans are excluded. Their rights are denied.

This greatly saddens me. I was raised Catholic, and considered the priesthood in my younger years. I find it disgusting that anyone would use religion to enhance their personal status or wealth.

These ads are a façade. The people behind them do not believe in the words you hear and read on the television screen.

Nothing is real in today’s America. Everything you see, hear, or read must be challenged and investigated. You cannot trust those in power.

Ronald Reagan, one of the worst presidents in history, said, “trust but verify.” In the 21st century it should read, “do not trust until the facts are verified.”

Op-ed by James Turnage

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