Tori Spelling’s Friends Say She Is Suffering Nervous Breakdown

The friends and loved ones of reality television star and former 90210 actress Tori Spelling are reportedly increasingly concerned for her safety, thus according to sources who claim to be close to the woman. Concerned associates gave an exclusive statement to popular gossip website TMZ, in which they detailed their worry around the 41-year-old.

Sources say that Spelling’s false Ebola scare was really just a coverup to distract people from all the things that are really causing her life to crumble and break, things that said sources detailed in-depth in said statement. The reasons why the California native’s life is disintegrating are said to be numerous, most significantly relating to her love life and financial situation. Both are said to be in dire circumstance, thus causing Spelling to be currently involvement in an emotional and mental breakdown of sorts, one that she is said to not want the public to get the full details of in the wake of recent events.

Her marriage to Canadian born actor Dean McDermott is said to be one of the bigger strains on the actress’s health, as the two have been struggling to repair their relationship since his adultery earlier this year. The 47-year-old is said to have had intimate relationships with no less than five other woman, something that Spelling has had an extremely difficult time coping with. The man was said to have revealed this to his wife while in rehab for sex addiction, but rumors have since flown that the actress made an effort to conceal her knowledge during filming of the pair’s Lifetime reality show, True Tori. Sources close to the woman say that she was unwilling to reveal her alleged knowledge of her husband’s actions due to her not wanting to be publicly humiliated on national television, given that she had publicly made an effort to try to forgive McDermott and push aside his unfaithfulness. She is said to have been of the belief that if she pushed the idea that she was unaware of her husband’s affair going past more than one woman, she would receive more sympathy and would not seem the fool for staying with him despite his wrongdoings.

McDermott has since defended himself against the allegations that he is at fault for his wife’s recent hospitalization, instead blaming it on the show’s constant physical and emotional pressure in terms of dedication to the program’s filming schedule. He says that the pressure of the show’s intensive schedule lead to his wife having pneumonia and bronchitis, among other inflictions, and that she is receiving sufficient treatment in order for her to recover from said ailments. In regards to the aforementioned adultry, the actor gave the defense that he is not the first male to ever physically stray from his wife, and that his decision to engage in said affairs lay more with his own personal feelings towards himself than how he felt towards Spelling. Indeed, he recently gave the statement that he was in fact dissatisfied with the pair’s physical relationship and henceforth he sought intimate affection elsewhere.

By Rebecca Grace

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2 Responses to "Tori Spelling’s Friends Say She Is Suffering Nervous Breakdown"

  1. Rhon   October 28, 2014 at 4:39 am

    Where are these so-called women? Why aren’t they selling their stories for their proverbial 15 min. of fame? I rather think this whole sick series of scenarios is created for a gullible audience’s entertainment. It’s the modern version of the spectators witnessing the debauchery and depravity at the Roman Colisseum.

  2. InfidelityCounseling (@infidcounseling)   October 27, 2014 at 9:41 pm

    It’s important to understand WHY affairs happen. Infidelity is a choice someone makes in response to (or escape from) his/her unaddressed emotional issues. It’s not the fault of the marriage. It’s not the fault of the betrayed partner. The research is clear on this.

    We provide free, one-to-one, confidential peer support for women healing from infidelity. Call us – we’ve been there!

    Executive Director
    Infidelity Counseing Network

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