Suspected Iranian Terror Attack Kills 4 Injures 27 Israeli Youth

By DiMarkco Chandler

A terrorist blast ripped through a bus carrying Israeli youth at a Bulgarian resort, killing at least four and wounding 27, according to police.

The explosion happened in the city of Burgas some 250 miles east of Sofia in a parking lot where Israeli tourists had just landed. A number of buses and cars were on fire close to where the bomb was detonated.

In response to the attack, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Natanyahu called it “an Iranian terror attack that is spreading across the world.” The premier noted that the attack followed similar attacks in India, Georgia, Thailand and Kenya in recent months.

Officials are combing the area in order to determine the cause of the blast. Sources on the scene are not aware if it was the result of a suicide bomber or remote device, and no group has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack.

The explosion coincides with the 18th anniversary of the bombing of a Jewish community cent in Argentina that, according to AP, killed 85 people.

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  1. Anabelle Jimenez   July 27, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    Things are getting bad every day in the world, I really hope for Jesus to come soon!


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