How Will Losing Percy Harvin Impact Seahawks?

Percy Harvin will undergo hip surgery and miss significant time this season, what impact will that have on  the Seahawks?
Percy Harvin will undergo hip surgery and miss significant time this season, what impact will that have on the Seahawks?

On Tuesday night, wide receiver Percy Harvin broke the news himself, the Seahawks newly acquired star will undergo hip surgery and miss significant time. He hopes to be back in the lineup by Thanksgiving. Coming over in a trade this off season, Percy Harvin has never taken a snap in a Seahawk uniform, so how much will his injury hurt Seattle?

Not very much.

Although adding a game-breaker talent such as Harvin would certainly of helped the Seahawks Super Bowl bid this season, his missing significant time will not harm their chances a lot. This is the same team that made the playoffs and flourished last season without him.

The negative impact would not happen immediately, rather the future could become a little less bright should he not eventually become the impact player they hoped when they traded for him. The price the Seattle Seahawks paid to acquire Harvin from Minnesota was steep. A first round, third round, and seventh round choice were given up in the deal. Harvin also signed a six year, $65 million contract after joining Seattle. Those large prices are where the impact could be felt down the road.

Seattle was well aware of the injury history surrounding the dynamic 25 year old receiver when they ponied up the cash necessary to bring him into town. If a contender makes such an investment, they likely have already ran every scenario and are prepared to handle an injury or two.

Percy Harvin was the only big name addition to an offense that was already successful. Not much else has changed in the landscape of their offense, so they likely will be able to remain in the top ten in points per game with or without Harvin in the lineup.

The development of second year quarterback Russell Wilson alone could be enough to elevate their team over the San Francisco 49ers in both the division and conference, he is still the key to their Super Bowl aspirations.

Marshawn Lynch is one of the top running backs in the NFL, and has the ability to shoulder the load and carry the offense to victory. Give the man some skittles, and he will help fans forget the loss of Percy Harvin for the first portion of the season.

The situation actually could work out nicely for Seattle. A torn hip labrum gives him a three month, best case scenario for return. That puts him in November, right around Thanksgiving. Seattle has a bye week in November, making the following week the most likely for his return, so that he would have two weeks of practice to get himself back into game shape.

November is a point in the season where teams have established their identity and opponents have enough film on each other to essentially know what to expect on game day. The Seahawks figure to be in the thick of the playoff race as the season winds down, and being able to add a dynamic talent such as Percy Harvin after he returns from injury could be the wild card needed for a playoff push.

If Seattle can suddenly add wrinkles to their playbook so that Percy Harvin is instantly the major piece of their offense they expected him to be after trading for him, fans will forget his injury history and jump back on his bandwagon as soon as he hits the field. He is a top tier talent, and can be used in a plethora of ways, giving Seattle a potentially tough player to game plan for with little to no film to do so.

Percy Harvin’s injury looks bad now, however if he can return, he still can be the piece that puts the Seattle Seahawks over the edge and gets them to the Super Bowl. Just like they envisioned when they traded for him this off season.

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2 Responses to "How Will Losing Percy Harvin Impact Seahawks?"

  1. trakarshaitanaku   July 31, 2013 at 4:07 pm

    How can the loss of a player who has never contributed a positive yard or score for the Seahawks impact the team?

    • Charles Gille   August 1, 2013 at 7:13 am

      Many feel that although he has never played a down for the team, that through OTAs and other off season activities, the team has revamped their offense to accomodate his talents. Having a new offensive scheme and no longer the player needed to execute it would in theory hurt them.


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