The New ASUS and NVIDIA Tablets


With the recent release of the Google Nexus 7 Gen 2, we are seeing affordable tablets making the rounds. ASUS the manufacture of the Nexus has a couple of other new tablets coming out later in the year. However, NVIDIA the company behind the processor of the first Gen Nexus 7 has a tablet also in the works. Which one will you buy? Well here is detailed information on the choices.

ASUS the Taiwanese PC maker plans to launch new tablets. A new Transformer and a new MeMO Pad. With the drastic decline of PCs, ASUS wants to proceed with further development and wants to build up its brand in the tablet space alongside the Google Nexus 7. ASUS’ CEO Jerry Shen made the comments on Friday in an earning’s call that also presented slides detailing the company’s product road-map.

The slides mentioned product names, including MeMO Pad HD 8, MeMOFone HD 5, and PadFone mini, suggests the company is planning new tablets available in varying sizes. “The goal is our own branded tablet volume will be bigger than the Nexus 7 volumes,” Shen said. “After a six-month effort, I believe in Q3 our own branded products will achieve more than 50 percent of our total tablets.” He also stated, “The product cycle is shorter and shorter for all consumer electronic devices. Therefore, the product transition management has become tougher and critical.”

But will you buy these new tablets from ASUS when there is another tablet due to come out from NVIDIA?

Their Tegra 3 chip powered the first Nexus 7, but Google switched to Qualcomm for the newer version, a decision which hasn’t been without problems of its own. In any case, new leaked photos show that NVIDIA may intend to strike out with a self-branded 7-inch tablet.

Chinese gadget site Webtrek posted two convincing photos of the Tegra Tab which appears to be an NVIDIA-branded tablet on the smaller side. Freed from the designers at Google and ASUS, someone at NVIDIA went to town. While it includes a lot of the elements of the original Nexus 7 like a stippled plastic back and a 7-inch screen, there’s also a rear camera (reportedly 5MP), mini-HDMI port, and even a stylus bay. Recall that NVIDIA has already shown off some advanced stylus integration with the Tegra 4 chipset. The source claims that the plastic tab next to the camera might be a SIM card slot, which would indicate that this tablet is using the Tegra 4i, a cheaper, less-powerful version of the T4 with an integrated LTE radio.


The firm recently stated that it was building a “Tegra 4 tablet with a stylus,” and meetings with NVIDIA executives have been posted to the company’s website. More telling is the fact that NVIDIA has registered a trademark for “Tegra Tab” with the USPTO.

I currently own the Transformer TF-101 with the keyboard dock, I once used it for school as a laptop and home as a tablet. However, after typing with my thumbs and holding it for a long period of time it became heavy and not worth holding any longer. So, when the first Gen Nexus 7 came out with the quad-core chip, I decided to go for it. It had its faults like most devices, but I didn’t mind it so much. I switched over to Thumb Keyboard app, and I was typing with crazy speed. I enjoyed it. It had a smaller screen; it was lighter, and of course, it was much faster. Now that I had to go back to my Transformer when my Nexus 7 was in for repair I felt and saw the difference. I originally didn’t mind because I had a tablet, but I started to feel the burn. I can’t whine too much when I can sit in my rocking chair and work on tasks for school and work. I concentrate better when rocking.

I know I’m going to wait  to see what comes out. I just might want the new ASUS Transformer or even NVIDIA’s new tablet. We will have to wait and see.

Forrest L. Rawls

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